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Fashion and Your Weight @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Fashion and Your Weight (Doll Article)

(July 16, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It frustrates me to no end to see beautiful girls wax on poetically about their weight and why they just canít wear certain things or buy some new fun items until they lose [insert number here] pounds. Sure, Iíll give you that certain styles look better on certain kinds of figures, but that works both ways Ė curvy figures donít look great in skinny jeans and especially slender girls canít fill out a sundress in the same way a curvy girl can. My point isnít about certain styles Ė itís about dressing the body you have right now.

Your Flaws Revealed

We all have them. Yup, I have some unfortunate spots on my body as well every other person I know. The only people with perfect bodies are those who have stopped buying into the mediaís preoccupation with perfection. While we might lament over our legs being too short or our hips being the wrong proportion to our waist, the fact of the matter is there are clothing styles for all of us to look great and if your body shape means things fit strangely at times, thereís a solution for that, too Ė get the clothing altered or look for something in a different shape. Wearing clothing that fits oddly actually emphasizes flaws Ė it doesnít hide them.

Looking Sharp and Feeling Good

You feel good when you know youíre all pulled together. Looking sharp doesnít mean you look like youíll thread a needle with your flat tummy. It means your clothing fits your body well and that your girly curves are nicely emphasized without being forced on the world. Clothing that skims the body rather than adhering to it like plastic wrap is more flattering for everyone, especially those of us with a few extra curves here and there.

There are also so many beautiful pieces that help to hide certain areas without being totally obvious. For example, if you have a not-so-flat tummy, the large gathered tunics that band around the hips are perfect to look slim without having every squishy spot on display. But more importantly than obsessing about the fit of your clothing is to worry about how you feel in them.

You know when you look good. You stand straighter, you smile more and you feel pulled together. Look for clothing that gives you this feeling. You might not find the perfect outfit on your first try or even your second. It might take hours in the dressing room to find clothing that just feels right on your body, and when it feels good and looks good Ė take it home. Also note the designer or the brand as fits are often consistent across the brand and you can narrow down your search much faster the next time around if you know where to start.

Waiting for Weight Loss

I wish you the best in your weight loss goals Ė so long as they are healthy ones. But I donít wish for you to sit around in clothes that look sloppy and arenít fitting correctly anymore waiting for a certain size. If your clothes are too tight, get some in a bigger size. Cut out the label if it bothers you Ė itís a number, not an engraving on your soul. Once you realize how much more flattering and comfortable clothing that fits can be, youíll never want to squeeze into another outfit again.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: July 27, 2010
I typed out a huge comment and it was rejected. There was no profanity in it. *scratches head*

Anyway, wearing clothes too small does not look good. No-one needs to see a muffin top, fat rolls or back fat. Or, even worse, a builder's cleavage. *gags* Just get clothes that fit well and are the right size, and you'll look fine.

I've seen loads of girls who are looking terrible cuz they're wearing ill fitting clothes, or clothes that are two sizes too small.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 26, 2010
*palmface* @ your, story Becca.

Don't you just want to slap some sense into people?! And say "Hey! Do us all a favor and go straight home to watch 'What NOT To Wear'. Don't leave the house until you've grasped the concepts"

I come from a spanish heritage so I'm naturally curvy. It's hard for me to find low-rise jeans that don't show the world my lingerie. But I said HARD TO, not impossible. It never fails to irritate me to see other curvy women who just either don't care or are completely unaware that their entire behind is on display. Yeah, I'm told that's not attractive, I've asked around in my frustrations xD

Clothes come in different sizes and shapes for a reason. Find your shape and size and dress accordingly. Dressing in different sizes and shapes than you actually are won't change what you're stuffing into the clothing. It will only make things worse.

That being said, there are preferences. Some like slim fit and others like loose. Just don't over do it.
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Posted On: July 26, 2010
I hate baggy clothes, I feel really uncomfortable in them. But I'd never get too-small clothes, especially bottoms.

I have a few friends who are on the larger side and they buy clothes that are too small because they think it'll make them look skinnier. Then there's the friends who are larger (and even on the skinny side) that buy clothes too big for them that just makes them look bleh. If you're a size 6, buy size 6 clothing, don't try to squish yourself into a 4 where you can't breath or move in them.

I once saw a very large woman walking downtown, and her jeans were so tight her fly and button were undone and her gut was sticking out. Not pretty..
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Posted On: July 26, 2010
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: July 26, 2010
I used to be upset that I could never lose enough weight to wear a mini skirt, but your last article revealed that it's difficult for most girls to bend down in those anyhow, so yay! There's no way I'm going to wear something I can't move around it.

But girls who won't give in that their pants NEED to be bigger bug me. I understand some of their reasons, like they don't want to buy new clothes when they're trying to lose weight (who wants to fork over $50+ for clothes you'll only wear for another month or two?), but there's always a time to admit defeat.

Today I saw a girl who was clearly wearing pants that were too many sizes too small. There was at least a WHOLE INCH on either side of the waistband where her hips were exploding from. She LOOKED fat. But after my irritation subsided I looked closer. She wasn't fat. She actually had a great body, but those too-TOO-small pants gave the wrong illusion.

Clothes that don't fit adds weight. Both the too small and the too large.
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