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Easy Ways to Pick Yourself Back Up @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Easy Ways to Pick Yourself Back Up (Doll Article)

(August 01, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Iíve had a rather iffy week, and Iím sure Iím not alone. There are definitely some weeks that go better than others, and itís a shame that this one has been a real pain. The worst of it is that the biggest problem is in my head. My normally optimistic nature seems to be on hiatus, and Iím rather grouchy. My significant other has even commented on it and thinks Iím mad at him Ė but Iím not. Iím just in a bad mood. So what I need to do is pull myself out the funk and seeing as how Iíve done it before, I can certainly do it again.

Exercise First!

The endorphin rush of exercise is a nice way to start to break out of this gump that Iím in. Iím planning to put on some walking or maybe even jogging shoes and take myself outside for a brisk walk or slow jog. Iím going outside, rather than staying inside, because sweating feels like a purge to me and the sun can actually help to boost my mood as well. Getting active outside will also leave me far away from home (or at least a few blocks) if I canít make the gung-ho nature of exercise last. That means Iíll be forced to walk back home again, which will help give me that much more push to move.

Get Clean and Comfy

After a sweaty hike, Iím going to shower. A long hot shower will release a lot of tension, and there is nothing better than rinsing away all that outside gross feeling and emerging clean and refreshed. When I get out of the shower, you can bet Iím not getting dolled up to go outside again. Iím going to pamper myself inside first with lotions and creams and then with some snuggly pajama bottoms and a tank top. Comfy, cozy and ready to refocus.

Rest My Mind

My mind has been running circles around all of the things I need to think about this week, and I think Iím going to lose it if I canít take a mental break. The walk will help settle some of those nagging thoughts, but the best way to take a break mentally is to let your mind do something else. Pop in a favorite movie that is hard to ignore and easy to follow Ė Mama Mia or Princess Bride comes to mind. Then sit back and totally relax while you simply enjoy the story.

If your brain needs even more to do to refocus on something more positive, pick up a book to read that is rather light and fluffy. Something not required for school or heavy with facts and information. Look for a drama or a quick romantic comedy. Grab some pillows and a throw, snuggle down in a squishy chair and read all afternoon. By the time dinner rolls around, Iíll be feeling rested, clean, relaxed and ready for some fun. Maybe Iíll even call up that significant other to let him know Iím back to me again.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: August 26, 2010
Mind running circles? Yup...that'd be me. D;
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