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Easy Gifts to Impress Your Guy @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Easy Gifts to Impress Your Guy (Doll Article)

(December 12, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Why is the person we love most in the world the hardest one to shop for? If I could just waltz into a store and grab the first thing I saw for my man, I might really consider it. Could it really be that easy? After a rash of terrible gifts for the boyfriends in my life (I gave one a tie once – no really, it was embarrassing in hindsight), I’ve finally got a grip on this holiday gift giving idea for men.

Something to Spend

Everyone likes to buy things, and when you don’t know exactly what to get your guy, you can always just buy a gift card to his favorite store. But even though you’re not going wild with creativity on the type of gift you’re getting, you can at least do a bit of creativity in picking the place where you’ll buy the card. Restaurants are always good (see the next idea), but so are things like music download sites, movie theaters, amusement parks and a voucher for tickets. You can buy your guy two tickets for a favorite team – you might have to pick the date for him, or you might be able to do some sort of voucher, but if it’s something he gets to “spend”, he’s almost sure to like it.

Something to Eat

Who doesn’t love free food? There are entire college clubs established simply for the sake of finding free food around the universities. In the case of holiday presents, free food can be in the form of a gift card. It can also be a very special home cooked meal. You can create special treats for him and make it the twelve days of Christmas. This is especially fun if he has a group of friends hanging around him all the time. Making a special dessert or snacks for him and dropping them off after basketball practice or at his job right before he arrives will make him feel special because you took the time to do something nice. It will also give him some serious bragging rights when it comes to his friends.

Something to Use

Everyone likes useful presents, so if you’re going to buy him something, be sure it’s something you know he can use. That might not make it very unique and exciting, but it would be very practical. Extra earbuds for his iPod, for example, make a practical gift. A reserve slip for the next big game that’s coming out if he’s a gamer or a bottle of the cologne or aftershave he already uses.

Buying him something he doesn’t already use is a risk – you want to be thoughtful, and you can show this by paying attention to what he does and what he needs and filling that gap. If you’re not sure what sort of thing he does use, you can also make him something to use. Coupons printed off your computer or made by hand are a nice thing for him to “cash” in later for something like a big lunch brought from home or a fifteen minute backrub.

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