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  Easter Outfits (Doll Article)

(April 15, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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OK, so itís not exactly in the same league as Christmas or prom night, but Easter marks the start of spring, and any excuse to hit the shops has to be a good one.

What you choose for your Easter outfit, of course, depends on how you'll be spending the day. The item of clothing Easter is most closely connected with is hats: the "Easter Bonnet" tradition comes from the times when most people were church-goers, and would buy themselves a brand new outfit (including hat) to wear at the Easter Sunday service. These days, of course, hats are not required at most Easter events, although if you feel like really dressing up, they can be fun to wear. You may want to choose a simple baseball cap or cowboy-style straw creation (a la Kate Moss) rather than the traditional "bonnet", though.

Speaking of dressing up, Easter is also a good time to break out your spring wardrobe and try on all those skirts and dresses which have been resigned to the back of the closet for the past few months. The peasant style is still around this season, and makes an easy-to-wear alternative to jeans and T's: dress gypsy style skirts down with a denim jacket, or up with heels and jewellery.

The traditional Easter colors tend to be pastel ones, which make a nice change from the darker winter styles. If you're not much of a pastels girl, though, don't worry: Easter is a far-less formal affair these days than it used to be in the past, and pretty much anything goes. If you're planning to attend an Easter party or other event, though, check the dress code before you go, to make sure you won't look out of place.

Finally, Easter marks the end of Lent, when you're free to re-indulge in the things you gave up. Whatever you decide to wear for Easter, then, make sure it's not too tight a fit Ė you may well need the space!

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Mission Hills, CA
Posted On: November 8, 2006
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