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  Easter Fun (Doll Article)

(April 01, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There are plenty of things I love about Spring – I love the ways trees that looked dead one week are suddenly back alive the next. I love the warmer weather and I especially love Easter.

Easter Dresses

I’m a simple person at heart and do my best fashion styling with jeans and cute tops, but at Easter, I get a new dress. Normally, I don’t do super-girly fashion, but the Easter dress is the exception. I love to get a dress that makes me feel very elegant and stylish. I especially love the idea of looking like those beautiful women from the Fifties in their flowing skirts and pretty dresses. It’s like channeling another time and it’s actually pretty fun – especially if I can find a terrific hat and shoes to go with the whole look.

Easter Candy

I love jelly beans. I also love those little chocolate eggs with peanut butter in the middle. Any and all Easter candy is okay with me – with the exception of the little marshmallow bunnies. I don’t really like those, but they do look cute in Easter baskets and they are a fun little gift to give my friends for Easter.

Easter Baskets

I’ve always been under the impression that the best Easter baskets are the ones that have more than just candy. The best Easter baskets also have personalized gifts – nothing big or fancy, but maybe an iTunes gift card or a new CD just to keep things interesting.

You can make Easter baskets for all of your friends easily enough with a few bags of candy, some of that lovely plastic grass and heavy paper. Make a paper basket out of the paper by cutting two strips and a circle, and using a bit of tape holds everything together. After you decorate the baskets with stickers and write your friends’ name on them, they makes a cute party favor or just something fun to hand out at school.

Easter Eggs

In my universe, Easter eggs are totally separate from Easter baskets. The basket is filled with yummy goodies which at some point are dumped onto the floor or into a bag, and then the empty basket is used to collect eggs. There are a few ways to do the eggs, and I’m a fan of them all.

The first way is to make hardboiled eggs and decorate the shells using those handy dye kits. This makes for an afternoon of fun, and then the Easter bunny hides the eggs just a few minutes before the big hunt. Once the eggs are found, you can count then up to see who “won” before putting all of the hardboiled eggs back into the refrigerator. It’s a healthier option for Easter.

Another classic version of the Easter egg hunt is to hide candy inside the eggs and then hide them in the yard. If you’re setting up an Easter egg hunt for younger siblings or the kids in your neighborhood, you might also consider getting a roll of quarters and hiding a quarter in each egg. This helps cut down on the sheer volume of candy consumed on this fun holiday and makes searching for eggs that much more “rewarding.”

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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: April 13, 2009
Never_more, easter eggs represent new life and are part of the passover. About the bunny, that's actually partly due to pagan religions. You see, many Christian holidays got mixed into pagan ones, sometimes beccause pagan leaders came to know Jesus and the mixing of holidays would somehow bring others to Jesuse as well. Christmas, for example, is on the day of the birth of the sun god.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: April 12, 2009
Happy Easter ! Although mine wasn't too too happy, all the family was scattered today, so it wasn't as special as a day as it should have been...

Anywho, hope ya'lls were great!
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Posted On: April 8, 2009
There are a couple of articles on Wikipedia explaining about the Easter eggs and bunnies. 'T is actually interesting, you should look it up.

Basically the only thing I like about Easter now is the candy and hard boiled eggs...yummy... Plus my birthday is around Easter this year, 't is a fantastic bonus, presents AND candy...
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: April 7, 2009
I love easter! I can't wait until I can coordinate my own egg hunt for my children. My grandmother had a lot of ideas that I intend to use! Like the money thing. One year there was 1 gold egg that had $20! And another year she put 1st 2nd and 3rd in 3 different eggs. Then at the end of the hunt they turned in their number and got their prize, like a HUGE easter bunny and stuff like that!
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: April 7, 2009
Did you hear Carlos Mencia's version of Easter? It's really funny, lol. Goes something like this:

Man 1: Did you hear? Jesus rose from the dead!

Man 2: Holy $ hit hide the eggs!

Man 1: ...what?

Man 2: Didn't you hear?! Jesus said he was taking the eggs! Paint them pink and purple, pull out the middle and fill with confetti. Trick Jesus! Then hide them in the park!

Man 1: ...

Man 2: And tell everyone that eggs come from rabbits!

Man 1: Why?

Man 2: So he doesn't take the chickens too!
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: April 7, 2009
Where the heck did we get bunnies and eggs from the original concept of Easter?

Jesus wasn't a rabbit, and rabbit's don't lay eggs...
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