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Easter Bonnets and Pretty Dresses @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Easter Bonnets and Pretty Dresses (Doll Article)

(April 01, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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What better time of year than Easter to break out some of the pretty dresses that we really donít get a chance to wear throughout the rest of the year. When Easter rolls around, itís a chance to wear the bright pastels that we might normally put in the back of the closet as being a bit out of character or at least not the sort of thing youíd wear to school, but come one Ė admit it Ė you like pretty things.

Our definition of style and fashion has changed pretty dramatically over the years. We used to wear dresses and lace and ribbons all of the time when we were younger. Little girls are a lot like fashion plates. They look beautiful in the pretty outfits, but as we got bigger we were more content to wear jeans and miniskirts. Why not go back to the pretty dresses of old for at least one day a year? You donít have to wear a poofy skirt and ribbons in your hair, but you can certainly find something that isnít black or khaki.

Easter Dresses

Even if you donít actually celebrate the religious holiday of Easter, you might still have a family gathering to look for eggs and such. Since itís usually a three-day weekend for students, Easter is a good time for families to get together, and if your family is anything like mine, we dress up just a bit for this particular dinner. Since weíre dressing up and itís just family usually, I like to find the sorts of clothing I might not normally wear at school, but that I still enjoy.

I start with a pants outfit usually just because I prefer pants. You can easily do a dress or skirt as well, of course. I find pretty pants in a color that isnít black or khaki. The pants might be a pastel grey or a cream. Then I find a pretty sweater set or a nice button down shirt to go with the pants. I look for bright colors and colors and patterns that scream out Easter! I like to find a sweater with a bit of a flower pattern somewhere. Maybe the sweater has a bit of lace near the neck.

This isnít the Easter dress we grew up with, but itís more of a grown up version of the same. Of course, a quick turn through the department stores will show you that there are still plenty of traditional Easter dresses to choose from. Why not grab a pretty pink dress? You can throw a cream cardigan over it to dress it down a bit, but youíll not only be pretty for Easter dinner, but youíll have a fun dress you might be able to wear again to a banquet at the end of the year or the like.

Getting Ready for Easter

Of course, the most fun of all around Easter is spending time prepping yourself to really look great in the dress youíre picking out. Get your hair done, put on a little make up. This is a time to really shine and put on your best spring face.

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