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  Drinking (Doll Article)

(April 07, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Underage Drinking
By eighth grade, almost half of your classmates will be drinking. By the time you're a senior in high school, almost all of your classmates will be drinking. Unfortunately, all of that drinking is illegal since most countries, including the Unites States, make twenty-one the legal drinking age. Underage drinking is so common it seems like it's not a big deal, and drinking can't be as bad as smoking or drugs….can it?

Blonde Doll Drinking

The Occasional Drink

Sure, we all want to try it. A sip of Dad's beer or a swallow of Mom's margarita gives us a pretty good idea of what the stuff tastes like – and that's enough for some folks for a long time. You might have a glass of champagne at your cousin's wedding, or your parents may give you a glass of wine at dinner one night, and that isn't really a big deal, either. The big difference between this kind of drinking and “normal” teenage drinking is that you are usually safe at home or with a parent who is fully capable of making correct decisions about things like driving or how many beers to drink.

The Teenage Drinker

Most teens sipping on Dad's beer at dinner one night aren't making it into movies or on the evening news. We all know about the REAL drinkers. The ones who have crazy stories of passing out in the bushes, throwing up in someone's pool, or hopping fences when the cops showed up to bust the party. These drinkers aren't interested in a taste or one small drink – they are drinking to get drunk.

Paris Hilton

Drunk is Fun!

Why get drunk? As some of your friends may be able to tell you, being drunk can be fun. Things are funnier, you're more relaxed and since your friends are drinking, it makes sense to try it yourself. But what happens when you have too much fun? Drinking can make you too relaxed and because your brain isn't fully developed until close to twenty-one (sorry, it's the truth) you make really stupid decisions sometimes.

I personally have had one friend almost drown because she thought she could swim after six beers. Sometimes it's not how much you drink its how your body reacts to it. One good friend of mine gets drunk after one beer. She also got too friendly with another boy in front of her boyfriend the first time she drank and regretted it forever.

Paris Hilton Dolls

The Stats

Even if you don't know anyone (yet) who's had a bad experience with alcohol, it's really only a matter of time. I've had friends in car accidents because they were driving drunk. I've even heard about one guy who died of alcohol poisoning – his friends thought it was funny when he passed out cold and didn't wake up. They drunkenly didn't remember to check on him again until it was too late.

As horrifying as these stories may seem, and they are all true, the government has even scarier things to say about drinking. Studies have shown that kids who start drinking at an early age are most likely to become alcoholics as they grow up. Kids who drink at an early age (before 21) are also more likely to have trouble in school or relationships.

Drinking problem
The scariest thing about drinking is that alcohol thins the blood and actually affects the brain. That is true in people of all ages. Again, an occasional drink is usually okay, but lots of drinking can really mess you up. Kids under twenty-one are still growing and their brains aren't fully formed yet. The more you drink as a kid, the more damage you are actually doing to you brain – and once it's damaged, you can never fix it again.

Yes, alcohol is scary, but it's legal for people over twenty-one for a reason. After twenty-one you can think better, you have more life under your belt and you might even be a bit smarter – or so they say. Alcohol can be scary stuff, but so can aspirin. If you use your head and wait until that head is fully formed, you'll be able to make all the right decisions you need.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: October 10, 2008
I hate alcohol, and I will admit, I've tasted it. Then again, it was just champagne at my cousin's engagement party and wedding. And one sip was good enough for me. It tastes horrible and made me feel sick.

There are ways to be smart about it, like following the law, and I've decided that my way to be smart about it is to avoid it completely.

Just the other day I was sitting in the cafeteria before school with my friend who totally hangs out with the wrong crowd, and her friend came up and starting telling me how he was drinking vodka the night before. I stared at him for a minute, and then told him he had issues. And then I left.

He probably hates me. And I don't care. Drinking is not acceptable if you're underage, and even so, at any age it needs to be carefully consumed in moderation.

I personally don't see the attraction to it, but fielder's choice, I suppose.
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Posted On: November 15, 2007
In Australia the legal age to drink is 18, which is sad because everytime I meet my friends all they talk about is how fun it is getting wasted. I made a choice to not drink at all since my family has a history with alcohol problems.

oh and ilovesjb I can give you an account on what its like to be drunk as I got curious a couple of years ago. First of all you feel dizzy in a good way and you just want to have fun, then after a while the dizziness wears off and you start to have headaches which makes you feel like a total grouch and have no control of your emotions. Then you wake up with a heavy and painful feeling in your head, your eyes are sensitive to light and depending on how much you drink (that is if you can remember) that can lead to vomiting.

In other words, it may feel good to be drunk but you wake up totally sick. I have learned this from my first (and my last) experience to drink.
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Posted On: October 18, 2007
I once had a substitute teacher whose breath smelled like beer (I wouldn't know if it was true, but my friends all said so) and he was really wierd and freaky, and they told the principal, and I was doing secretary when they came in, so I chatted with them until the principal let them come in her office and tell her about him.
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Sadieville, KY
Posted On: October 14, 2007
my granny gets drunk when she babysits and somtimes (im the oldest at 11 1/2) she gos off to drunk boyfrinds and i dint even know it till she walks in the door. they say the three stages are happy mean and out. granny only has 2 and 3
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Chicago, IL
Posted On: August 17, 2007
i wonder how its like getting drunk someone tell me
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Jacksonville, FL
Posted On: August 10, 2007
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Posted On: July 9, 2007
beer and wine smell horrilble i and gives you bad breath the achohol goes to your'll regret whatoyu do when your drunk sometimes
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Taylor, AL
Posted On: May 14, 2007
Under age drinking ish horrible An occasional SIP is okay -I even have a sip at times like new years and such-, but getting drunk is a really stupid thing to do. Excspesially when under age
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United Kingdom
Posted On: May 12, 2007
I agree. I never EVER have had even one sip. I never will untill I am 21 for sure.

R.I.P: My friend Austin from drinking and being poisined DON'T
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Posted On: May 11, 2007
I agree. Drinking is a stupid thing to do when underaged. Don't fall into peir pressure!!!!
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Willowick, OH
Posted On: April 21, 2007
My friend drank once and she was all loopy and she was very funny but she almost got hurt!NO UNDERAGE DRINKERS ALLOWED!!!!!
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Sartell, MN
Posted On: April 20, 2007
Drinking is a terrible experiance! It tastes awful. It is bad to get drunk, no matter how fun and cool it may look! I tried it once, didn't like it. My brothers and cousin once got drunk came back to my Grandma's house and got lectured. It was funny though, but still. Kids shouldn't be aloud to drink till they are 25 years old. I know that not everyone would agree with me about this, but my mind is set to that. DOWN WITH UNDERAGE DRINKING AND GETTING DRUNK!
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Bon Air, VA
Posted On: April 20, 2007
a looooot of people i know n the 6 grade have had a miller lite or even gotten high of shrpies and white out. i told them that stuff about what it does to their brain 20 times and they finnally stopped

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Hayden, AL
Posted On: April 15, 2007
i totaly agree with you on this topic.because if you get drunk you never know what might happen to you. besides getting drunk can mess up your education,friendships,and realationships.I heard that one girl got drunk and this guy took her with him and he raped her .this kind of thing happens all the time ,but don't let it happen to you or your friend because you'll never forgive yourself.although i do agree that like one sip of soething won't hurt you but i don't advise it. For all the people that have died including my brothers friend Brandon Palmer RIP: DON'T DRINK
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Union, KY
Posted On: April 15, 2007
You're right.I only had a slight sip of beer.It was NASTY!I never want to have it again.I'm perfectly fine right now.I'll never drink,no matter how hard my friends convince me if they do.Right on,arabamericansw!You shouldn't drink.I'm ABOVE the influence.Are you?
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