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Developing a Passion @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Developing a Passion (Doll Article)

(August 17, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Passionate people are so driven and powerful in their own right. Have you watched an artist work for hours on a single painting without stopping? Or a gamer work the machine for more than twenty-four hours? Passions arenít always the healthiest thing for us, but they are so motivating and powerful. It truly makes me wish to develop a passion of my own.

The Power of Passion

Passion is something that is all consuming, at least some of the times. When youíre passionate about something, you donít notice the time ticking away or the muscle fatigue. You just keep going Ė enjoying what youíre doing. Looking around at all of the people who are truly passionate in my life, it makes me wonder how much fire youíre born with and how much you develop over time.

Take, for example, two of my friends. One is a total gym rat. Heís at the gym for at least two or three hours every day. He has schedules for working out individual muscles and when he feel like itís time to take it up a notch, heíll be there even more. It goes beyond devotion. Devoted people are in the gym for forty-five minutes to run on a treadmill. Passionate people have a chart that tells them how much protein they should eat at what interval for optimum muscle development. And they read that chart and follow it religiously for not days, not months, but years.

Itís almost frightening at times, but it seems to bring my friend a great deal of peace and order. Of course, he didnít lift weight when he was a baby. In fact, he didnít start until he was about sixteen, but he was always very active. So did that passion develop? Perhaps it was dormant and waiting to be discovered.

Another good friend of mine is anything but peace and order. Sheís an artist. She is a mess Ė literally. Her clothes are usually stained and she has no sense of organization. When the whim strikes, sheís off into her own world where she doodles her designs to later make into paintings or pottery or whatever. Her parents are generous enough to provide almost endless supplies, so sheís been working in all kinds of mediums for years. Apparently she used to spend hours working with finger paints and play dough, too. I think she must be the kind of passionate person who was born into their creativity and dreams.

Developing a Passion

I donít know if there are any passions lying dormant in me right now. Perhaps in a few years Iíll stumble onto a new hobby and realize it was the element that was missing from my life up to that point. I think though, that Iíd like to actively seek that passion. I want to feel the fire of almost obsession. I want to stay up all night powered by adrenaline and a desire to see it through. However, since I donít know what it is Iíll be passionate about, Iíll just start by trying out every new hobby or interest I can until something clicks. It might take years to find, but Iím certain there is a passion out there for everyone.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 11, 2010
My friend has a very good saying for this. I'll have to get her to post it here!

I've got a lot of passions xD I love to please people. I know, I know, THAT'S a "passion"?! Well, to me it is. If there's something I can do to help someone out, or make their day I LOVE doing it. I'm CONSTANTLY thinking of things to do for everyone. A lot of the time I think I go outside normal limits. My father in law doesn't like me cleaning his house for example. But it made me happy to be helping my MIL when she was ill, so she told him to get over it.

I ADORE gift giving. Proof? I had $100 to spend on WHATEVER I wanted from my birthday. Did I buy clothes and make up like I had wanted to? Nope. I was super happy using that to buy wrapping paper and ribbon out the wazoo for future occasions to have on hand, even though I could have bought it later without bday cash. xD

Just anything creative and I love it. The gifts, different ways to make people feel special and art. Especially anything art.
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