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Dealing with Acne @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Dealing with Acne (Doll Article)

(April 23, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Iím not sure whatís brought it on, but Iím dealing with a bit of acne right now thatís outside of the norm for me. Iím normally blessed with smooth, decent skin, but all of a sudden, Iím getting new breakouts every day it seems. Itís made me go back and revisit my skin care routines, and I realized that Iím not doing everything youíre supposed to do if youíre going to battle acne and oily skin.

Skin Care Routines Twice a Day

For one, I was only washing my face once per day. Iíd wash it in the evening after the day was done and then, in the morning Iíd get ready for the day without washing it again. Apparently, this is taboo since youíre then putting on makeup over the oils and what not that are in your skin after the night. I needed to be washing my face twice a day Ė morning and night Ė if I wanted to deal with this acne head on.

When you go to wash your face, youíre supposed to touch your skin as little as possible and avoid using heavy soaps. Buy a cleaner that isnít a soapy one. A cleaner that deals with acne is fine, but look for one that is gentle or advertised for sensitive skin, even if you donít think you have sensitive skin. Acne break outs make your skin sensitive and youíll want to avoid irritating it, which can lead to more break outs.

The Right Way to Wash

When itís actually time to wash your face, start by splashing warm water on your skin. This helps to open up the pores. Then, pump three squirts of cleaner in your hand and lather up. Once you have a good lather going, you can rub the cleaner over your face using your finger tips. Your hands should glide across your face over the soap. Youíre not forcing it into your pores, after all. Once youíve lathered up, youíll splash warm water on your face again to wash off the soap.

After washing, pat your face dry carefully. You donít want to drag the rough towel over your face; it only causes more break outs. Gently pat it dry and then youíre ready for moisturizer.

Give Your Face More Moisture

Once your skin is dry, find a moisturizer that is very basic and suitable for sensitive skin. You donít want anything oily or greasy. Instead, find a light moisturizer, preferably one with plenty of sun screen and UVA/UVB protection. Use a quarter-sized amount of the moisturizer to rub into your face. A light touch is what you need, and only rub in the moisturizer for a minute or two. The rest will absorb on its own.

Avoid Touching

The biggest thing that causes break outs is an unusual oil production. When you touch your face all throughout the day, youíre introducing more oils and dirt to your facial pores. Donít lean your face in your hands or rub at your face Ė especially with dirty hands. Even if you wash your hands, your face is still oily most of the day and youíre helping to move that oil into the pores where it will inevitably cause breakouts.

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