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  Celebrity Gossip Roundup (Doll Article)

(April 08, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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This week, after just three months of (re)marriage, Eminem filed for divorce from wife Kim. Guess Kim didn’t really appreciate the lyrics to the song he wrote about her after all…

Still happily married (or soon to be married), there's still no sign of movement from the celebrity baby bumps of Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes. After workmen were pictured delivering huge posters with messages allegedly prompting Katie to stay silent during her Scientology birth, fellow Scientologists John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston stepped up to the podium to reassure us all that Katie will be allowed to scream if she wants to – just as long as she keeps it to a minimum and doesn't swear. Bet that's a relief.

Britney Spears got another new look this week, ditching the blonde curls of last month for a sleeker bob. Sienna Miller followed suit, hitting the hair salon to ditch the short crop she got for her role in Factory Girl (alongside new boyfriend Hayden Christensen) in favor of long, blonde extensions.

Meanwhile, American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, filed an assault report, claiming to have been beaten up by an unidentified male at a party. Paula was said to have sustained concussion and spinal injuries when the man grabbed her by the arm and threw her up against a wall.

Over in France, rumors abound that all is not well in the Brangelina camp, with claims that the pair have been fighting "like cat and dog" over issues including where she should give birth to their baby (Angelina apparently prefers Paris, in accordance with her ill mother's wishes), and whether Angelina should be continuing to fly in her advanced stage of pregnancy. We bet Jennifer Anniston is smiling…

Finally, Calista Flockhart, who played Ally McBeal in the 90s comedy, has revealed that she was indeed suffering from an eating disorder at the time. Who knew?

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