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Celebrate Fatherís Day All Year Long @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Celebrate Fatherís Day All Year Long (Doll Article)

(June 20, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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You might have noticed that I didnít write anything for Fatherís Day this year. That was truly an oversight as I have an amazing dad. But really, whatís the big deal about a day called Fatherís Day. Shouldnít you be singing your daddyís praises all year long?

Daddyís Little Girl

There is often a strong bond between girls and their fathers. Iím sure there are deep psychologist reports out there that claim girls feel little or no competition with their fathers so they are free to love and act on that love without the drama we often experience with our mothers.

Iím not saying that Dad is always perfect. Iíve had my fair share of Daddy drama, too and Iíd be willing to bet you have as well, but thatís just parenting I guess. Whether you consider yourself a Daddyís girl or not, here are a few ways to bring him a smile throughout the year.

Talk to Him

For some reason, dads often have a really hard time talking to their daughters. Some men are scared of the pink lacey world we supposedly live in and others just donít know what to say once weíre old enough to be wearing bras. Help your dad out by just talking to him on a regular basis so he doesnít have to do that throat-clearing soul searching thing before asking you, ďSo, how was school?Ē every day. Tell him already and share some thoughts and opinions on the world around us. Give him something to grab hold of that he understands and you can build a great talking relationship.

Take Up His Hobby

Girls form friendships based on talk. You and your best friends donít have to do a thing to become best friends. You can just sit on two bean bags and talk all night and wind up BFF by morning. Boys, and then men, on the other hand form relationships based on doing something. They donít talk, they do.

So if you want to show your dad you care about him, you can tell him or you can really show him by trying out his favorite activities. Does he like to fish? Ask him to take you out on the old bass boat some time. Is he a golfer? Let him teach you how to improve your swing. He might be perfectly content to hit golf balls together side by side without a word spoken and your message will still get through loud and clear.

Offer a Memento

A card might say it all, but most men arenít sentimental enough to keep a card Ė even from their best girl. So give him a manly memento that he can really use. For example, pick out your favorite picture of the two of you and deliver it Ė already framed and ready for his office desk. Or you can create a paperweight or picture for the wall if youíre artistic. Men like to have things that are useful or interesting rather than sentimental, but you can easily combine all three if you use just a smidge of your creativity.

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Tiger, GA
Posted On: June 27, 2008
i was never really close to my dad he works to much
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Canton, NC
Posted On: June 20, 2008
I'm a Daddy's girl, though I'm not "Pink and Lacey" and everyone in my family knows that.

Good tips, I just might try some of them

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Zionsville, IN
Posted On: June 20, 2008
Hee. My dad and I are writing a soppy vampire novel together. ^____^ Because we can. My dad isn't much for sports--playing them that is--but he's been really supportive of me and my writing and color guard work. Writing together is our way of spending time together now I have my own car and he doesn't get to drive me to band practice three days a week.

By the way, the psychological principle you're looking for is called the Electra complex and it's a neo-Freudian concept stating that the daughter seeks to kill the mother and be with the father. It's the female counterpart to the Oedipal complex. According to Freud the child releases its competitive feelings towards the parent of the same gender by imitating them.

That was nerdy....^_____^Sorry for the Psych lecture.

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