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Break Up Don'ts @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Break Up Don'ts (Doll Article)

(January 20, 2012 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Breaking up is never easy to do Ė even if youíre really, really sick of your guy. But if youíre thinking about breaking up with your significant other, donít take the easy way out. There are certain moments in life that really define who you are as a person and this is one of them. After all, you donít want to look bad and you donít want to hurt your guy unnecessarily Ė itís just not very classy.

Never Break Up by Text or Email

It used to be weíd say nobody should break up over the phone, but nobody really talks on the phone anymore, so we have to modify the message. You shouldnít breakup by leaving a message of any kind. Shoot him an email telling him youíre dumping him? Text him about the break up? Itís not very mature and itís not the way a big break-up should be handled.

When you know itís over, arrange to see him to talk about it. The proper and polite thing to do is to break up face to face where you can discuss it a bit if necessary. Even if you donít plan to talk about it, breaking up while youíre sitting there together gives you a chance to show you still respect the person or that you respect yourself enough to have taken the relationship seriously.

Never Break Up through a Friend

How mature is it to send your best friend over to tell your guy that youíre dumping him. If youíre going to break up with someone, itís not the sort of thing youíd do like a junior high dance. What your guy doesnít need is a group of giggling girls looking and laughing at him while the chosen one goes over to deliver the message.

Even if youíre still in junior high, skip the drama and find a chance to talk to your guy one-on-one. Itís hard to do and itís embarrassing in a sense, but getting over that fear and dealing with the drama is part of growing up, and wouldnít you rather come across as a mature individual who can actually handle the tougher parts of a relationship yourself rather than sending over a lackey to do your dirty work?

Never Break Up the Day after Christmas or Valentineís Day

We know itís romantic to have a date on Valentineís Day, and who wouldnít want a present from a boyfriend on Christmas day? Especially if you get to carry it around school and make a grand production out of the whole thing. But, quite frankly, youíre being selfish. If youíre going to break up with someone, do it as soon as you feel the relationship is over.

Donít keep him around for another few weeks so that you have a date to the Valentine's Day dance. End it now, with class, and you can at least go to the party without dreading the next day when you look like a jerk for leading him on all that time and he will not have to live with such bad memories of that holiday for the rest of his life.

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