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Back to School, Back to Reality @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Back to School, Back to Reality (Doll Article)

(August 20, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It might just be me, but the summer months are like an alternative reality. Itís a time of rest, rejuvenation and a few new friendships. Things change over the summer, and when the school year starts back up again, my life seems to ratchets up about fifteen notches. Of course I keep busy over the summer, but I also leave time for just me. Things I want to do around my room like watching television and talking to friends. After all, isnít that part of what summer is about? Relaxing?

The First Days of School

So as the school year starts up again, Iím ready to get back in my groove. Iím involved in a few different organizations and afterschool activities that donít do much over the summer. Of course I enjoy the time off, but the week before school starts, Iím out there with my friends building up a pretty big sweat going all day every day it seems. Itís like going from zero to sixty in the span of a minute. I sleep all day Monday and Iím losing five pounds in sweat all day Tuesday. But thatís just the warm-up.

The following Monday the real classes begin and the practices move to afterschool. So now Iím at school for almost ten hours a day working. Iím learning, getting caught up with friends and then heading outside for intense practice for a few more hours. At the end of the day Iím tired and have homework. It makes me remember why I was so desperate for summer to come last spring. At least I like all of the different things I do during the day Ė it would be torture if I didnít.

The Best Thing for Me

Iím convinced that this insane level of activity is actually pretty good for me. While resting is great, staying busy and burning energy makes me feel better. I get excited as school gets closer and start planning it all out. I make schedules and lists to organize everything. I lay out clothing the night before because I know Iíll be in a rush once the alarm goes off. I do my homework religiously because I donít have time to fall behind, and I wouldnít have the energy to get caught up if I did.

I sleep extremely well at night and even though I donít get to lounge around all day in bed like I did this summer, I feel like I have a purpose every day. I have plans Ė something to do Ė and plenty of friends to do it with. I realize that not everyone feels this way about school, but I do. I think the best way to truly enjoy a summer is to be totally active and proactive during the school year. After a few months off, Iím ready to get back to work. After all, the sweetest breaks are the ones you earn.

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Posted On: September 7, 2010
Actually that's totally true, most people feel bored in summer and wish for the school, and plan for the school days ,when school starts they wish for the vacations

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