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Baby, Itís Cold Outside! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Baby, Itís Cold Outside! (Doll Article)

(November 28, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Hurray! As dangerous and damaging as the cold can be, Iím never too anxious on those first few cold days of the year. Iím fully convinced that the first days that a season feels real are the absolute best. The first warm days of spring, the first cool days of fall, and the first truly cold days of winter are the ones that make me smile the most Ė giddy with the simple pleasures of it all.

Big Sweaters and Fuzzy Boots

For me, summer means tank tops and flip-flops. Winter means big sweaters and fuzzy boots. My winter wardrobe consists of favorite sweatshirts and sweaters. All of which look great with my favorite jeans and fuzzy boots. Itís shlumpy in the extreme, but thatís the best part of the winter. Cuddle up in your clothing every day of the season by putting on a comfy camisole under a loose t-shirt followed by that bulky sweatshirt. I might not win any fashion awards, but I feel like I didnít have to get out of bed all day and thatís a feeling you canít beat.

That Christmas Spirit

The first cold days remind me of my favorite holiday as well Ė Christmas. When I can see my breath in the air, itís time for the simple joys of the season. Carols on the radio, Secret Santas at school, the seemingly endless quest for the perfect gifts for friends and family, decorating the tree, making things that smell good, burning the cinnamon candles. All of it is just plain yummy. Everyone loves a good holiday tradition, no matter how simple or how grand, and something about the cold makes me want to set up decorations and drink wassail Ė even if itís still November.

Winter Sports

I canít smell that first cold snap without thinking of winter sports. I breathe in the smell of snow and think of skiing. Or snowboarding. Or snowshoeing. I canít do as many winter sports as Iíd like, but I do try and experience the mountains and snow every few years at least, and the time in between trips is spent taking deep breaths of that frozen air and remembering how awesome it feels to glide down a snow covered mountain breathing in the mist of the powder.

Hot Chocolate and Fire Places

At the end of the day, curling with hot chocolate by a fire is an awesome winter luxury. Itís an experience that belongs only in the coldest months of the year, but I might sometimes push it and build that fire a bit early in the season. Just hanging out with a hot mug warming my hands and staring into the flames puts my mind at ease and lets a smile hang out on my face thinking of how great the experience feels. Throw on a sappy Christmas movie or a nice tear-jerker with a blanket for cuddling, and itís the winterís form of paradise.

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Posted On: December 28, 2009
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Chapel Hill, NC
Posted On: December 12, 2009
it okay
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: December 5, 2009
Hate the cold and everything to do with the cold. I celebrated Christmas in California one year and loved it 100 X's over because I wasn't miserable all winter. And I'm already a huge holiday fan so this is saying something!

-.- Stupid cold.
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