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(January 15, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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How many best friends do you have? If you answer with more than one, you are quite the social butterfly. I think itís totally possible to have more than one best friend, especially as time changes people and relationships. But I do love having a single best friend who really understands me and what Iím about. That person has changed for me a few times in the last decade, but since junior high, I seem to keep one friend especially close while enjoying the company of many more.


I donít think it matters what you best friend looks like or what she likes to do. In fact, you should only be concerned about her appearance if she is or you suspect she has some sort of harmful issue such as an eating disorder. True friendship goes much deeper than clothing or hairstyles. You donít choose your friends based on labels Ė either clothing or clique, and if you realize one day that those labels are getting in the way, itís time to go back to the basics of who you are and what your friendship is about.

Best Friends and Cliques

Itís an interesting phenomenon, especially in large schools, but itís entirely possible to hang out with your other friends all day long and never see your best friend. You might belong to one group during the day just because of the classes youíre in or your electives, but when itís all said and done, your best friend is likely the one you call when you have news about a guy or are upset about something.

Your relationship with your best friend goes deeper than after school practices and study groups. I do a bit in the musical scene and my best friend does art. Our peer group is different, and I think we have been in only one class together since junior high. And that one had assigned seats where we never talked anyway. It didnít impact our friendship, however.

The Best Things about a Best Friend

A best friend is better than the sum of her parts. You canít make just anyone into a best friend. In many cases it is a combination of time together, experiences and personalities that just click and make it hard to think of yourself without that other person around. I think the best things about a best friend include:

Her willingness to come together and be apart. Best friends arenít needy about your time. You have other friends at school sometimes and have to meet with study groups. You might go weeks without hanging out just the two of you, but when you do get a chance to spend the night or go get coffee, itís just as casual and natural as if you did that every day.

Her She just gets it. You donít have to taper your enthusiasm for anything around your best friend. She gets it and you donít have to apologize for your comments or jokes. Speaking of jokesÖ

Her The two of you have inside jokes. If you canít look at your best friend from across the room, mouth a phrase and dissolve into giggles, the two of you need to spend more time together. Schedule a sleep-over complete with school gossip, make-up and a great chick flick to get caught up.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 20, 2009
I have 2 besties (:

They both live 30 minutes away from me and can always make me laugh when i'm sad. The first, Faye, is an utter nutjob who i love to bits. we both love Panic At the Disco and have an obsession for the lead singer (Brendon urie) and the guitarist/back up singer (Ryan Ross). i like ryro. he's just so sexyyyy D: oh. anyways.

the other one - hollie. she's just the best. she's never been funny untill nowwww :o we're just cracking up al the time. just like me and faye. (: she fancies Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner from twilight. and even sent him fan mail. yessirrr. they both know everything about me. and because we're all RETARDS, we love each other. ^-^
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Grangerland, TX
Posted On: February 9, 2009
I seem to attract more guy friends than girl friends. And most of them don't live in this state. *coughs* I have one friend though who is slightly above all others because she utterly rocks. Unfortunately she's a online friend and the only site we knew each other on got closed.

I have one *couch* dear friend *cough* whom is much younger and seem's to want me by her side doing whatever she want's whenever. She also happens to be my neighbor. Kinda hard to stay away...
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Capitola, CA
Posted On: February 9, 2009
well, then besides Star, my best friend, i have my guy friends. i have a lot of those.

i don't really like hanging out with the girls. they're all too fake. don't like it. Stars fine though.
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Capitola, CA
Posted On: February 9, 2009
i love my best friend...

...shes tottally needy though. i can't hang out with any other friends with out her thinking i'm gonna leave her.

...she has separation anxiety. but so do i, so we fit perfectly.
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Chicago, IL
Posted On: February 5, 2009
my best friend doesnt talk to me anymore because i moved away but im the only one that calls she never callls me i call her and then she writes down on her page that she calls me shes a liar a big fat liar oh sory about that we used to
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 1, 2009
I have a LOT of best friends. At school it's mainly my two gangs, The Gs and The Ks (or The Mighty Six).

The Gs are Rebecca P, Trishna and Emily and they get on my bus. They are the Gs because my year group is split into two - G and K. Rebecca, Trish and Emily are all in G.

The Ks (or The Mighty Six) are all in my class, K4. I'm propably a lot closer to them than The Gs.

I spend time with the Gs before school and after school and on the bus. The Ks get me during school and out of school.

I've also got my dancing buddies, Lydia, Annie and Shannon on Saturdays.

And my Music School best friend, Sabrina (Doris) whom I see also on Saturdays and at music concerts.

I also have my only guy best friend/boyfriend Jonathan who I don't see too much. He lives about two hours away.

And on top of all that, theres MORE. My internet best friends. Carrot, Rina, Rose, and Toni. I can't believe I love all these people and can actually remember all them.


Miss TW
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Hanford, CA
Posted On: January 31, 2009
My best friends and I always crack up when I say "scary Light." I love them!!!
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Posted On: January 31, 2009
All my best friends seem to move away. :\

I lost my bestest like, 1, 2 years ago when he moved and we didn't keep in touch much. His parents split and they both remarried, but he still lived across the street from me until they decided to move. We knew eachother since we were 5..
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: January 31, 2009
my best friend lives about two hours away.

We've known each other since we went to the same daycare in a completely different state, and we moved to this state about three/four years later.

And you know, she knows everything about me.
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