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Are You Too Dramatic? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Are You Too Dramatic? (Doll Article)

(August 05, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Ah, drama. Itís so much fun at times, but when you have the dramatic girlfriend, it can be overwhelming at others. As fun as it to react loudly and with great hysteria with your friends, it can make a girl think Ė are you just having fun when the group gets wound up, or are you the one causing a lot of the drama around you? Are you too dramatic?

Dramatic Tendencies

We all have dramatic tendencies at times. Who doesnít like to stomp off in a huff, slam the door to your room and then call your friend to tell her how unreasonable your parents are? Itís a part of growing up, and itís not a big deal so long as itís not something thatís happening more than once every few months or so. Nothing is perfect all the time. But there are some girls out there who manage to find problems with everything and everyone, except themselves, of course. These are the true drama queens.

Sadly weíre encouraged to be silly little things who scream about bugs and practically faint away at the thought of a hard decision. Take a minute and think about the celebrities our age or a bit older. Amy Winehouse just died, presumably from something she did to her own health at the writing of this post.

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan canít seem to get themselves under control for any decent stretch of time. One of the Olsen twins has a condition or two at any given moment and even Miley Cyrus got sucked into the scantily clad drama lately. But then youíd expect some drama from Hollywood girls Ė they are paid to act, after all. But youíre not Ė are you over acting?

Being Too Dramatic

Think about movies that make you cringe. The girl sobs over someone who she shouldnít even care about. Her friend is plotting against her. The tears, screaming, sobbing, shrieking and other overwrought emotions can be hard to stomach on the screen, and even more challenging in the real life.

I might be a bit cynical, but there are a few things I consider over the top Ė here are a couple examples:

  • You stalk your future boyfriend or husband. His name comes up in every conversation and you like to ask your friends if they think the two of you are adorable together.

  • Every opportunity you have, youíre walking down different hallways to get near him and dragging the rest of your friends with you Ė all so that you can smile at him and then whisper about how he gave you ďthat special look Ė you know the one Ė and you just canít wait to be together forever!Ē Gag.

  • You throw a temper tantrum. I donít care what the situation is, but a grown, or almost grown, woman throwing a full-blown temper tantrum is over the top anytime, anywhere. Whatís a temper tantrum?

Shouting, name calling, throwing things, slamming doors, storming out of the house, screeching tires down the driveway, getting out of the car (especially while itís still moving) or otherwise losing your cool. Sure, everyone gets mad, but they donít all try to beat up the first person who gets in their way.

What other tendencies do your overly dramatic friends have? Have you ever been the dramatic one and lived to tell the tale?

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 1, 2011
I'm a very dramatic person, especially when hormones are involved, lol. And being pregnant makes me dramatic almost 24/7, but I seriously can't help it now, where I could have before.

Mostly it's that I'm overly critical and obsessive. My grandmother and husband are okay with it, but everyone else finds it incredibly annoying.

Every last detail must be perfect or how I like it or else. It's not pretty when several things go the wrong way. Normally it's just a pout or a whine (which is what people find cute), but if it's several things that's when I start getting huffy.

While I can definitely try to change how I am, I probably won't. I'm a perfectionist, I'm detail oriented, and I take both attributes too far. But I'm also very good at everything I do (or at least I strive to be the best EXTREMELY hard) and I'm always considered a very thoughtful person (whether in added detail to a room or gift/sentiment).

My dramatic faults are also my strenghts, go figure, lol.
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