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Are You Ready for the New Year? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Are You Ready for the New Year? (Doll Article)

(December 25, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There is a custom in Italy that involves throwing out the old to prepare for the new. In the case of the Italians, this is taken quite literally as the people literally throw their old household appliances and other items from the year out the window to show that they are cleaning out and ready for the new year. While you might not be willing to chunk your iPod out the window, you can do a bit of cleaning up and out to prepare yourself for 2009. And if all else fails you can try out the other Italian tradition Ė wear your red underwear to bring good luck in the New Year.

Taking Stock

Thanksgiving was just a few weeks ago it seems, but already weíre looking forward to the New Year. Thanksgiving shouldnít be the only time all year that you actually sit down and think about all you have to be thankful for. Indeed, the closing of one year and the start of another is the ideal time to think about what you love about your life and what youíre ready to change.

When examining your life donít forget to consider the people in it, your relationship with them and all the things you canít actually see or touch. Do you have a talent youíve wanted to use or a new skill youíve been hoping to learn? Perhaps you realize you should be working harder to keep old friendships and to start new ones. Just thirty quiet minutes of reflection can give you mind and soul the peace it needs to process your entire existence and prepare to move forward into the rest of your life.

Make Some Resolutions

Most people look at the same problems year after year, but this year why not start something new instead of trying to stop something old. For example, if you try to stop swearing every year but fail miserably, instead focus on making positive comments to everyone. If you make an effort to say something nice or uplifting in every conversation you have, youíll soon realize that you donít swear nearly as much and you feel better about yourself for being such a nice person.

The most important resolutions are the ones you make that are meaningful to you Ė not to your friends and family. Resolutions donít have to be shared among friends, and writing your goals for the new year in a journal or letter to yourself is a good way to document your decisions without advertising your hopes and dreams for the masses. If you know your friends and family will ask, just offer them a simple goal that you have while keeping your deeper plans under wraps to avoid embarrassment or extra pressure unless you are comfortable sharing your soul that way. But if necessary offer a small goal to placate everyone. After all, you canít argue with someone whoís resolution is to floss their teeth every night before bed.

Take Your Time

Iím a firm believer that you can do everything, but you canít necessarily do it all at once. Make a list of the things you want to do in 2009. Then realistically plan for how you can make it work. You can start some things right away, but others such as taking ballet lessons or writing a screenplay might have to wait a few months. The goal is to get started in a new direction. Youíll be traveling on one road or another for the rest of your life, so use this year as the motivation you need to take the first few steps to the person you really want to be.

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Morristown, TN
Posted On: January 2, 2009
I don't make resolutions, but if I had 1, it would be to k*ll all of you and get l*id
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: January 1, 2009
I forgot to wear red underwear to bring in the new year! But I wore them to bed, does that count? lol
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Hanford, CA
Posted On: December 30, 2008
My resolutions are, try to get along with math work, write as much as possible(which is never hard:>)and try not to kick anyone in the head ,I'll just smack
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Posted On: December 29, 2008
my resolutions: try to take better care of my hair, concentrate more on my school work and stop being so shy
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Wilmington, DE
Posted On: December 26, 2008
I'm still not sure what my resolution is going to be this year.

- Emma Grace
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Posted On: December 26, 2008
For the new year, I am planning on getting a new look. I am sick of sporting the same one over and over. Keeping the same style, but upgrading it. :] I always forget my resolutions. But this year I think I'd like to work on my shyness..
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: December 26, 2008
I hope to reach a BMI of 23, so I guess my goal is to get healthy and lose weight. Original right? lol. Well I can proudly say last year my resolution was to stop bitting my nails and it worked! So yay for me, and hopefully in a couple months or so I'll be able to congrat myself for this years resolution...and I think I'll wear red underwear on new years eve, heck I know my husband can't argue with that one, lol.

Great Article, btw, I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!!!
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: December 25, 2008
My own resolution: be at peace with myself.

In other words, let life be what it will, and accept it. Do things that make you happy without hurting others. That sort of thing. But then, I try that always, not just because of a new year.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 25, 2008
I never make resolutions. I never keep them.


Miss TW
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