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All About Summer Love @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  All About Summer Love (Doll Article)

(June 01, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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I love summer romance. I like the sweetness of the romance and the looseness of expectations. Even the poignant break-up at the end of the summer can be sweet, albeit a bit painful. Of course I donít have a terrific summer love every summer, but the possibility is almost as much fun as the actual relationship in most cases. Just leave yourself open to the possibilities and enjoy yourself along the way Ė who knows, maybe love will strike.

Love without Complications

Summer love seems so uncomplicated compared to relationships you might have during the school year. The summer love usually starts someplace like a mission trip or camp and stays there. Having a mad crush on the boy in your youth group can occupy your thoughts every Wednesday and Sunday evenings until you finally get the opportunity youíve been looking for at the youth lock-in. The fun of it is the sweet anticipation, the flirting and the containment of the emotions Ė they arenít bogged down by the opinions of fifteen school friends and you arenít trying to fit in phone calls around physics homework. Your life and love life are free and simple Ė more fun for everyone.

Romance with a Conclusion

It might be a bit disheartening to think of it this way, but when you claim to fall madly in love with a boy at summer camp, you are reasonably sure that the current love of your life will probably only be around for a few weeks. This makes the whole thing so much less threatening than dating someone you go to school with or that you see every day at band practice. The romance can be fast and furious without any expectations. Of course, youíll love each other forever and of course youíll exchange email addresses, but love as you know it ends on the last day of camp Ė sweet, memorable, but unassuming.

The Freedom to Romance

As much as I love my friends, Iíll readily admit that at times their opinions of who I should like and if a guy is worthy of affection can influence my behavior or how I act around him. If my friends donít like him, itís a lot harder to flirt and enjoy time with a boy, even if I like him. But over the summer, things are so much looser. My friends arenít around me all of the time and although I donít let them make up my mind for me, itís so much nicer to be free of their opinions and comments about who I choose to like and chat with over those summer months.

Endless Possibilities

The school months are fun in their own way, but they always feel very heavy to me. I get through most of those months, but I enjoy the summer months more. Iím lighter, freer and more fun to be around. This summer is when I work hard to improve myself and my life and having a bit of love in the mix can help me do exactly that. Being relaxed and able to enjoy a relationship properly gives me the confidence I need to commit to being a better me and just enjoying life as it comes.

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Posted On: June 22, 2010
Gamerbe, take a peek into the forums. The staff and members there are looking to get answers themselves and hopefully will gain some soon.
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Posted On: June 20, 2010
I don't care about updates or anything. And the premi dollmakers were cool when I was a premi but I never got on. You can find several sites and cliques that offer premi dollmakers free of charge. Animate them on iaza I think is what it is.

I just want the site to stay up, some of us have made friends and want to keep them. And, even though it's innactive and boring at times, the dollpalace story section is great for people who need a creative outlet.

Thank you for keeping the site up.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: June 19, 2010
I have Premium and I can honestly say I wouldn't enjoy this site without it. It's $2 a month, I spend about 2-3 hours a day during the weekdays on this site...I'd say for unlimited entertainment, $2 is a steal.

What's more is that I only use the Premium Makers on the mainsite for their props mostly. The REAL reason to have Premi is for the Personal Makers, those are updated as often as their owners can manage, and if they stop then there are plenty of others to choose from.

I personally don't care if new makers are made available. As long as the site works and stays up then I'm happy.

Thank You Support for keeping the site online even if you can't find time to be online yourself! But just know that if you ever do need help, there are a lot of us willing to do so.

And I adore reading these articles!
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Posted On: June 19, 2010
These next three messages are a attempt to get Jessica (The owner of this site) to do something. Please start at the bottom of the page.

(continued from below)

Well I think I've draged this out long enough.

I just wanted to basically say there's no reason at all that we should sit here completely in the dark.

But I would like to say one more thing, if you, Jessica simply cannot or don't want to run this site anymore then just say so here. Maybe there is some one here who is willing and able to run the site. or at least ONE person on the INTERNET who is. I mean I'm sure you have a facebook and all that. Maybe you could just stay on to write the gossip page or whatever it is. It's all you do anymore anyway.

every problem has a solution find one for yours or shut down the site because really it's almost pointless.

Thanks to anybody who read this rant. Hopefully Jessica did (but I doubt it) I just wanted to say all of this before I really decided to stop coming to this s
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Posted On: June 19, 2010
(continued from below)

It was worth it when the site would update but now it just kinda feels like a waste of money. If it's not about money then what? Is there not enough help with the site? Well then instead of posting these ^ things ASK FOR HELP! there are people who come here (or used to) who would be happy to help! Jessica could a trade help maintain the site for free premium access this isn't hard! Ask what people can do or help with and then decide how long they can have free access based on what they did and/or how well they did it. If it's a personal problem then just say "Hey it'll be awhile before we'll update again I'm sorry, please be patient with us." don't say "It's gonna be up and running again soon" if you know that that's a lie. If it isn't a lie just say sorry it's gonna take some time. If you can find the time to type up these ^ you can jot down a quick sentence telling us you're not going to update anytime soon!

(last part is above)
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Posted On: June 19, 2010
Warning this is a rant about the site if you don't want to read then look away. I tried to keep this civil but I am pretty upset thank you.

Okay, I know this probably isn't the place to talk about this but,has anyone noticed this place doesn't update anymore, EVER!?

I mean the ONLY thing you can expect to change is these articles or whatever she calls them. Just look at the home page! last update 749 days ago! And that's just the last time she added more doll for us to see. I honestly couldn't say the last time we saw a new maker I can only say that it was back 2007. Yeah, What year is it now, oh hmmm say 2010!! If this is a money thing like not enough people paying for premium accounts well duh! Nobody is willing to just give money away, especially nowadays. And that's exactly what they would be doing paying for a premium account. It's only $20 I know but it's just not worth it.

(continued above)
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