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8 Awesome After-Christmas Deals You Canít Live Without

  8 Awesome After-Christmas Deals You Canít Live Without (Doll Article)

(December 26, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Itís that time again Ė time to rush out and try to score some serious deals for 50 to 90 percent off. Of course, you canít get just anything, but if youíre trying to find something fun from the Christmas leftovers, here are a few you probably canít live without (or you could, but it wouldnít be as much fun).

Bath Stuff

Seriously Ė have you ever seen as much bubble bath and scrubbing beads as we do at this time of year? And best of all, they are all seriously marked down! Snag a few of your favorite scents and use them all year long.

Make Up Kits

Iím a sucker for cheap make up kits with fifty eye shadows and fifteen lipsticks, and they are super cheap for the holidays and even cheaper after that. Grab a huge kit for less than $5 and you can have fun with your friends for weeks or months afterwards trying out crazy new looks.

Christmas Trees

Okay, just think of all the fun things you can do with a small Christmas tree? You can use it for every holiday Ė you can decorate it for Christmas in your room. You can make it a centerpiece of a school play. Grab one at 80 percent off and youíll be in business for next year!

Holiday CDs and Movies

Anything Christmas seems to go on sale and that includes the holiday music and movies we love. Keep an eye out for your favorites and snag some copies Ė you can watch them all year or save them up for next year.

Toy Favorites

If you know that your kid sister is in love with Barbie and Legos, they arenít going to get old and youíll never find them cheaper than you can after Christmas. Buy a handful of things now and stash them in your closet. Then youíre all set for her birthday or even presents for next year.

Scented Candles

Candles are a nice way to improve your room or to use in your house. Christmas may be over, but we have two more months of winter left Ė at least! Grab some winter scents while they are on sale and you can enjoy them that much longer.

Gift Sets

Christmas is the inception of gift sets that all seem to go on sale immediately after Christmas Ė just because they are in a Christmas box. You can snag bottles of hot sauce, great popcorn tins and crackers and cheese for half of what you would have paid the week prior, and the hot sauce isnít going to be go bad any time soon Ė so whatís the rush to even open it?


ĎTis the season for fluffy jammies and fuzzy socks. And naturally they are all on a super sale now since nobody buys Christmas pajama pants in January Ė expect you, of course! Fuzzy warm pants to lounge in all year long? Who cares if they have penguins on them! Itís Christmas all year long!

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