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6 Reasons to Be Glad You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

  6 Reasons to Be Glad You’re Single on Valentine’s Day (Doll Article)

(February 10, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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If you’re worried about having a guy on Valentine’s Day, I’d advise you to get over it. Sure it’s fun to be a couple and do things that are seemingly romantic, but there are plenty of great reasons to enjoy the month of February single – six of them come easily to mind.

You don’t have to pretend to be romantic. Okay, you don’t have to pretend with us, we know you’re not very romantic. Sure, he wants to be your very own Don Juan, and it’s very sweet, but really? You’d just rather chill out at home or listen to music or something. If you have a guy for Valentine’s Day you risk having to play that role or hurting young Romeo’s feelings. If you’re single, you can just do whatever you want.

You can cry and not feel silly. If you love a great sappy movie, and who doesn’t, you don’t have to be stoic if you’re watching it with your girlfriends or by yourself. Sit down, pull up a box of tissues and blow your heart out at your favorite, most gut-wrenching scenes without a male audience.

You can make fun of lovey-dovey stuff. If you’re even a bit like me, it’s much more fun to poke fun at the overly cheesy world of real-world romance than it is to be a part of it. I’d never make fun of another person, but the theory as a whole is fun to mock and destroy.

There are fun parties for Valentine’s Day. If you’re single on the big romantic day, all you have to do is find one of the many anti-romance parties around town and have a blast with all of the other single people. If your town isn’t getting into the single mood that night, by all means, take on the role of party organizer and throw a bash yourself.

You don’t have to worry about breaking up and getting together timing. Why is it that Valentine’s Day seems to be the same time I feel ready to move on from a particular relationship? No matter how much I like a guy, major holidays we celebrate as a couple seem to be the defining moment for me and then I spend weeks miserable if I should break up before the big day or wait until after the big romantic thing he has planned.

You can be truly comfortably romantic. If you have to put on a full face of make up and do your hair to watch a pretty movie together, you’re missing out on the true comfort of romance. The best parts of romance are wearing the comfy, if ugly, pajamas, shoving ice cream or popcorn in your face and sighing heavily over how adorable couples in the movies happen to be. The experience certainly loses some of its flair if you’re watching over make-up and trying to take lady-like bites.

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Houston, TX
Posted On: April 12, 2010
WEll me it dosen't matter because beinqq sinqle sometimes dewhh hurt & beinqq a couple makeszx yewhh more happierr & yewhh no ddhatt love onlyee comes once in a life time andd itszx wht it is okay hun!
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Posted On: February 12, 2010
You should be glad to be single on V-Day ONLY to be a part of the Quick Draw event that will be hosted on the Dollsters website!


Other than that I shall get you with one of my arrows of LUUURRRVVVEEE Baby!!!
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: February 10, 2010
I never understood why people don't like the 'cheesy romantics'. I find them adorable xD

But we do things we LIKE on the big day. Our first Valentine's Day was spent at (wait for it) Chuck E. Cheeses. Yes we were grown adults and could have gone to a romantic dinner and movie, but we felt like having greasy over-priced pizza and playing ski-ball. It's sweet and romantic as long as you're having a great time in each other's company. There's no need to follow trends.
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