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5 Ways to Handle Bullies @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  5 Ways to Handle Bullies (Doll Article)

(May 03, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There are bullies at every school and knowing how to handle yourself in a bullying situation can make a huge difference in whether or not you’re able to enjoy coming to school. Bullying is a sign that another individual has a problem – not you. The target of a bully is most often innocent, but is picked by the bully to make the bully feel better in some way.

Dealing with bullies can be challenging, especially as they travel surrounded by their “friends” is most cases, but you can handle them – especially if you practice a bit before hand.

Completely Ignore the Bully

Bullies are seeking attention. If you completely ignore her she’ll likely get angry and start saying even worse things trying to get a rise out of you. Keep all that boiling emotion clamped down for now and go about your business calmly ignoring her. Don’t look at her, don’t speak to her, and don’t react to her. Most likely she’ll tire of looking like a fool talking to herself and walk away, usually with a final parting shot, or you can do the walking away. Walk away from the situation to somewhere safer – usually in close range to an adult. If you never give her a reaction, she’ll soon move elsewhere with her attention.

Travel in Groups

Bullies like to catch people they consider weak and give them a hard time. If you’re surrounded by friends or at least by people you get along with, you’re less likely to become a target. Walk with your friends or hang on the edge of a group going down the hallway. You can even walk with a teacher if your friends aren’t in the same spot you are in the hallways.

Defend Yourself Strongly

Unless they are looking for a fight, most bullies will back down if you simply show your confidence and defend yourself. You can use strong statements or humor to make your stand, but avoid trading insults or playing the same nasty game. It will make you just as bad as the bully and you’ll likely feel icky if you start spreading fake rumors or such. Defend yourself when the opportunity arises and trust in others to recognize the bully’s lies for what they are.

Using humor is especially effective as a defense because it shows others that you don’t take the bully seriously at all. If you don’t take her seriously, it’s very likely nobody else will either. Practice witty comebacks in the mirror before the bully has a chance to insult you. That way you’re ready to toss out a zinger when the opportunity arises. Example – “Ugh! Go on a diet already!” to which you reply, “Nah, then I might get all hungry and turn rude like the skinny people of the world.”

Let An Adult Know

If you’re facing a serious bullying problem, start by telling your parents. Make it clear that the situation is serious and ongoing. Your parents should contact a school administer not the parents of the other child to help get the situation resolved. If your parents aren’t able to help, speak to a trusted adult at school or in the community. If you’re not able to talk about it, you can always write a letter or email details of what’s happening to an adult you trust. Avoid planning revenge on the bully as this usually makes the situation far worse.

Express Your Emotions

If you keep your emotions locked inside of you, they will fester and cause you far more grief than the bully’s original comments ever did. Don’t keep negative emotions in. Talk to a friend about it to vent and get the ugly parts off your chest or journal about it. Remind yourself constantly that you are an innocent victim and there is nothing wrong with you. It’s the bully who has a problem.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: May 29, 2009
Go to a trusted teacher. If you're afraid that the bully will tease your for "telling on them" then try asking the teacher to keep a closer eye on the two of you, so that the bully could be caught in the act instead and has no one to blame but their stupid evil self.

Also, it doesn't make you weak, or stupid or anything but BRAVE to tell an adult. Not to mention you'll not only be saving yourself, but other students too. Once the bully is known by adults it'll be harder for him/her to bully others because teachers will keep a closer eye on them. Be brave and be a hero.
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