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5 Real Reasons to Love Summer! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  5 Real Reasons to Love Summer! (Doll Article)

(May 28, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Okay, itís not quite summer yet, at least not in my neck of the woods, but itís fast approaching if the sweltering temperatures are any indication. Needless to say, despite the heat and humidity in my corner of the globe, I love summer Ė and itís not just because thereís not any school. Summer is just a truly special time of the year and hereís what makes it my favorite season.

Everything Is More Relaxed Ė Thatís not to say my world is totally uptight, but itís nice that businesses I walk into and even my favorite television shows all seem to relax and slow down. On the off chance I find myself with summer school, the environment is so much less frantic and hectic than it is during the school year. Teachers are laid back, students just hang out and get their work done and all the silly posturing and what not seems to be on hold for the next school year.

People Change Over the Summer Ė I love to watch people around me grow and change, and the summer seems to be the prime time to do it. Iíve had friends start working out and eating better and come back with an entirely new body after the summer and Iíve had others go off on a mission trip and come back with a new perspective on life and how they treat others. Nobody makes it through the summer acting exactly the same way they acted at the end of the year Ė itís not just the passing of time, itís the endless hours of opportunity that the summer brings.

Summer Levels the Playing Field Ė I donít do much with cliques and what not, but it seems that the summer months let some of those firm social boundaries soften. Over the summer, you might spend more time with people you wouldnít dream of hanging out with during the school year thanks to a new job or a particular camp program youíre a part of. If you find your social boundaries expanding over the summer and your guard dropping, go with it Ė itís a sign youíre growing as a person.

Summer Lets Me Find Me Ė In the rush at the end of the school year to finish things up, get papers turned in, take finals and wish all of my friends well, I get lost in the shuffle. Often it takes a few days into summer vacation to even realize how hectic my life had become and to decompress enough to find me under the layers of shell I threw on during the year to play my different roles. I like unpeeling those layers and rediscovering my basic values and preferences. It gives me better focus as I start the next year as well.

Summer Usually Means Romance Ė Maybe itís just me, but over the summer, I usually find a bit of romance along the way. If Iím in a relationship I have more time to spend with my significant other. If Iím not in a relationship, I have more time to spend with others my age from outside my usual circle and I find someone to at least daydream about if not hang out with over these summer months. And as we all know, summer romance is absolutely yummy.

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