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3 Reasons You Are Not as Safe as You Think You Are

  3 Reasons You Are Not as Safe as You Think You Are (Doll Article)

(July 30, 2011 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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It’s a dangerous world out there and too often, we put ourselves in danger without ever realized what we’re doing. Being young apparently also makes us a bit foolish when it comes to good decision making – since our brains are still developing, we can’t think as clearly about long-term consequences, and we’re heavily influenced by our peers. Not a bad thing when it comes to fashion, but a bit more dangerous when it comes to other things.

You Put Your Location on Social Networks

There are apps out there to help you find yourself now, and even taking a picture on your phone and posting it right away can give the world clues about your location. If you’re telling everyone that you’re “checking in” at the local McDonalds, they can all come over and see you – so can that guy who’s been looking for a chance to snatch you up.

Maybe he won’t grab you from McDonald’s but putting your location in your phone might give him a chance to find you in a public place and follow you home so he can peek in your windows later or keep an eye on your comings and goings as he likes. Creepy, but definitely a possibility in our age of cyber stalking.

You Ride With Drunk or Distracted Drivers

There was a teenager killed in my city a few days ago. He was shouting at a friend out the car window, talking on his cell phone and apparently trying to drive at the same time. He hit an oncoming car and died almost immediately. Now, think of all the times you’ve been riding with friends while they text, talk, shout to friends, turn around to get something from the backseat, dig in their purses, put on make-up, switch out CDs, text some more, check emails and Facebook updates and maybe use the map on the phone to get where they are trying to go.

As if putting your life in the hands of someone that distracted driving a death machine at fifty miles per hour isn’t scary, put a few drinks in her or him – just enough to make her “buzzed” and you’ve now got a reckless and stupid driver. And it sounds like a stupid passenger as well. Call a cab, call your parents, call another friend, but find a safe ride for you and your friend if you need to. Walking in the dark in an unfamiliar neighborhood can be dangerous in its own way, so avoid that as well.

You’re a Lone Wolf

There’s definitely safety in numbers and this is especially true if you’re cute and appear harmless. Being young and attractive as you certainly are, you’re going to be getting plenty of attention from others. Being alone in a parking lot can bring more than flattering attention, however. It’s a very rare predator who would strike if you’re with a friend or two and paying attention to your surroundings.

But if you’re alone, distracted by chatting on your phone or digging for your keys, you’re very easy prey. Have a girlfriend go with you to jog or to run up to the store. Don’t walk out to your car without coworkers to keep an eye on you at closing time. Use common sense and you’ll be significantly safer – and wiser as well.

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