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3 Great Ways to Get a Great Room @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  3 Great Ways to Get a Great Room (Doll Article)

(December 08, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Love your room but think it needs just a bit of something extra to make it really special? Youíre probably right. There are some great ways to dress up your room that donít cost much but a bit of time and effort. If youíre looking to glam things up or give your space a new sense of style, try out these great ways to get that great room.

Paint a Magnetic Chalkboard!

There is chalkboard paint and magnetic paint that can make a big impact. For less than $20, you can grab a roll of painterís tape and a small can of magnetic paint and chalkboard paint and go to town. Paint off the shape you want your wall to be. The paint will be very dark, almost black, so you might opt for a special design rather than an entire wall, but if you have the space and the dark doesnít bother you, go for it! Do the whole room! Use tape to seal that area of the wall and then use a primer to seal the paint.

Once your primer is dry, put on a decent layer of magnetic paint and wait for it to dry. Then, paint on a layer of chalkboard paint and wait for it to dry. Youíll probably need a final layer of paint and another twenty-four hours before itís completely dry. When the painted area is dry, peel off the tape and youíll have a crisp chalkboard right there on your wall! Grab some magnets and chalk and start decorating your space.

Put Up Some Fabric

You can easily add some color and pattern to the walls with fabric without using paint or harming the walls in any way. All you need is some lightweight fabric and a few cans of starch. This is a perfect way to do an accent wall. Start by measuring the wall you mean to cover with the fabric. Add two inches to the length and leave the width as it is. Cut the fabric carefully according to your measurements.

Wash the wall and allow it to dry to remove any dust or dirt. Pour your liquid starch into a pan and use a large sponge to apply it to the wall. Place the fabric on the wall and smooth it out. Use push-pins to hold the fabric in place while it dries. Once the fabric is dry, you can cut away the extra inch at the top and bottom using a sharp razor blade and your walls are perfect!

Use a Stencil

Perhaps the easiest way to start painting if youíre a beginner is to use a stencil pattern. There are large stencils that will cover the whole wall or smaller ones that are great for accents or borders. When you paint on the stencil, use a small roller and some stencil spray or tape and youíll be sure to get a great pattern anywhere you want in your room. Small or large, the painted stencil pattern adds just the right amount of impact to a space.

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