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3 Fashion Risks for Short Girls @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  3 Fashion Risks for Short Girls (Doll Article)

(August 10, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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We all come in different sizes, and even if we wish we could change the size we were handed at the gate, we canít. I might not be petite in my own right, but I have a short mother and a short sister (not really sure how that happened, actually) and all of my life Iíve heard and experienced the fashion risks that short girls take. If youíre petite, be careful not to take these fashion risks too far.

Donít Wear Loose Capri Pants

Tailored capris can be cute on anyone regardless of height, but the loose fitting linen or cargo style capri pants or even long loose shorts are off limits for my short girlfriends. Iím sorry, but if you picture the shorter pants on, they make two rectangles over your legs because they are loosely fitted. Two rectangles extend down to a narrow ankle. Itís not pretty, unfortunately.

You would do far better to opt for tailored capri pants that follow the shape of your leg. If you wear capri pants, however, be sure to wear a small heel Ė not flip flops. Capri pants will always shorten your legs, and you want to regain that height as much as possible.

Donít Wear Big Shoes

Little people shouldnít wear big shoes Ė especially if you are wearing them with a short skirt or tight jeans. When youíre trying to look your best, you want your legs to look long and slim. To put a giant clunky shoe at the end of your foot doesnít make your leg look long and thin, it makes it look like a hammer Ė thin handle, big weight at the bottom. When youíre small, think of graceful items to wear. You can absolutely wear any sort of style shoe you want, but opt away from thick soles and blocky styles. Make your shoes an extension of your leg Ė not the dead weight at the end.

Avoid Tunics and Long Shirts

I love tunics, but then Iím 5 feet 9 inches tall. I can carry a tunic over leggings or jeans because I have plenty of leg to work with. If youíre short, you donít have as much room to play with when it comes to covering up your legs. Long shirts in general will cover up more than half of your body and make you look rather lopsided. If you want to wear a long shirt, look for one that is the same color as your pants and one that has a cinching of some kind around the waist. This will protect your figure at least while the solid colors will let the line of your body continue without a huge break around your thighs leaving only a couple feet of leg sticking out the bottom.

Fashion for Petite Women

If youíre petite, which is usually those girls and women under 5 feet 5 inches tall or so, you can find plenty of adorable things in regular stores. But when itís time to find tailored items or jeans, you would do well to consider the petite sections in the larger department stores. Youíll have to dig past things your mom might wear, but when you realize how much better the pants and dresses fit, youíll be thrilled to find items that fit comfortably and look great at your exact height.

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Zavalla, TX
Posted On: October 24, 2010
I am 10 not 100 ok i messed up on the birthday thing.

I am like the 2nd shortest person in fifth grade. I think I`m 4ft 5 inches. I mean I could pass off as a 3rd grader!!!
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Beverly Hills, CA
Posted On: September 24, 2010
dude im under 5 ft! im like 4FT somthing people think i ma 8 year old and im 13!!!!! :icon 4:
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: August 20, 2010
P.s. I tried going to the Juniors. I'm a woman. My hips have grown in. I can't get my womanly curves in those straight teen clothes. Least not with them being baggy in other areas.

That's my other rant. Since when is curvy=fat? Maybe I should ask for a short and curvy store instead? lol.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: August 20, 2010
I absolutely HATE being short...

I'm 5'2". I recently started losing a lot of weight in an effort to be more healthy. My pants no longer fit. And in my efforts to be more healthy I've also gained more confidence in how I look, a positive plus I wasn't expecting, lol.

So I wanted some "cooler" clothes. You know, the faded jeans and other "in-style" pants. Normally I just wear dark pants that go well with all my fancy tops. But I wanted to look se.x.ier, so I was shopping for the faded pants.

Yeah, if you're petite it's hard to find fashionable pants. First I found some that I like in the AVERAGE size, not tall. Then I found some not-so-cute pants in "short". I then ventured to the Petities. Absolutely NOTHING in faded or "in-style" catagories.

Nothing. I ended up going home empty handed. There's a "Big & Tall" store, why the hec.k isn't there a "Short & Se.xy" store?! I beg of you, why?! There are plenty of short women, why aren't there fashionable clothing options for us?
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