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Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
All created clubs and cliques have to follow TDP Terms Of Use. We do not allow any sexually related material. The Doll Palace will be enforcing this rule and completely blocking access to the accounts that disregard our policy.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: August 1, 2009
If anyone wants to submit banners, make sure you save
them to an image host, like photobucket, that'll keep
the images forever. Please don't submit work saved to
temporary hosts like iaza; they will eventually show
just as red x's.

Posted On: July 31, 2009
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Be sure to submit
some new banners!

Also, just wanted to say that we are considering
running a contest with some very good prizes. Keep your
eyes peeled!

Maybe soon we can actually do some organizing and have
a day where we all together scan the site for
inappropriate content and report it. After all, that is
the purpose of the clique

Posted On: July 30, 2009
I joined this clique - none of my dolls are sexy or
nude but if they are i made a mistake and didn't mean
to make them that way!!! this is the coolest clique on
the site and im nvr quitting it!!

Posted On: July 29, 2009
Wow, this clique looks great! I'm glad it's making a
comeback. ^^

United Kingdom
Posted On: July 27, 2009
Looks great; all we need now are a few new banners.

Itasca, TX
Posted On: July 26, 2009
I think its lovely; the color scheme is very nice and

Posted On: July 26, 2009
The clique is being updated as I speak, so don't be
alarmed by the sudden color changes. Let me know what
you think since this clique is going to be making a
come back

Itasca, TX
Posted On: July 26, 2009
I've joined. ^^ This is a great clique and its great
how many members have joined.

Knoxville, TN
Posted On: July 7, 2009
Hey! I was wondering if Teens_for_Christ could sister
clique with DADD.

United Kingdom
Posted On: June 25, 2009
FYI, we ARE doing things; however, there's a limit to
what we can do onsite. All we can do is report
rulebreakers, vote for nonsexual dolls in contests and
fashion show, and support the movement by making great
dolls ourselves. If you have any suggestions, I'd love
to hear them.

United Kingdom
Posted On: June 6, 2009
There are LOADS of sexual dolls and props now on tdp in
the personal makers. I used to have a section of sexual
dolls but removed it when I grew up a bit and realised
how sick they are. This movement should start updating
again and doing things, because tdp is worse than ever.

United Kingdom
Posted On: April 21, 2009
Yeah; it is. A new layout, if you could do that, would
be great; DM me. I could make you an image designer if
the layout was good.

New Zealand
Posted On: March 13, 2009
Hello, swapped accounts with my friend Isabella, now
the account is mine. I still would like to stay in this
clique if I can, but not as Isabella, but as me! But I
do make dolls, so please ask.
Is this still active? Just asking
Maria x

United Kingdom
Posted On: January 30, 2009
To any stupid, immature children who think that they
have a right to break the rules of TDP and post nude
dolls everywhere; hope you enjoy the ban you'll get
when the TDP staff find you out. Grow up and get a

United Kingdom
Posted On: January 12, 2009
I will just say this; if anyone wants to make a new
layout for the clique, feel free. Just DM me with the
code and a link to your layout so I can visualise how
it would look on the clique. If your layout is chosen,
you could become the image artist for the clique. ^^

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