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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 16, 2013
Just to let everyone know: Right now, I'm working out
who's getting which theme. I will update the list
tomorrow to show which themes are still available, and
as soon as everyone who wishes to enter has chosen a
theme (or two, if they want!) I will start the first
round proper and PM everyone their instructions.

United Kingdom
Posted On: November 16, 2013
Fantastic! And thanks! I hope that everyone will enter.

Posted now; PM me to bag your theme. I will post the
first round up just as soon as everyone who's going to
enter has chosen their theme.

Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 15, 2013
That could work. There you go Miranda! 3 rounds and
angel contestant ideas. Let me know when you start it!

Posted On: November 15, 2013
Hi everybody! I've been away for so long, no time.

For that pageant, RD 2 could be to doll her in doing
her job? Like, you know, a guardian angel?

Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 15, 2013
No worries Ness, Dolling just isn't as popular as it
used to be. YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram have
everyone preoccupied. There used to be an abundance of
newcomers, but dolls just aren't attracting anyone new

I'm only back because I paid for a full year up front
and finally have time again. Who knows what I'll end
up doing once the premium wears off, and the new baby

As far as an angel pageant, how about different types
of angels Miranda? Guardian, Fawn, Floral, dark, light,
moon, sun, oceanic, etc, and 3 different situations,
like R1 is to doll them in their given reign, R2 is to
doll them against their struggle, and R3 I have no
ideas for, lol. R2's idea might better suit the final
round? Any other Round suggestions anyone?

United Kingdom
Posted On: November 15, 2013
I'd like to host a pagaent. I was thinking of an angel
one; perhaps you could help me with themes, Ness?

Posted On: November 15, 2013
If someone has any ideas for a pageant and would like
to host one then i will probably enter, Im slowly
slipping away from tdp which i thought would never
happen, Lovie any ideas?

United Kingdom
Posted On: November 14, 2013
Lucifret seems a nice person; she's posted on forums a
bit. MissMajest, the same. She and Meme live in the
same house. Maybe have a word with Meme about the low
voting? Say that it's not very sporting, and if it
wasn't for that, we'd ask her to join.

Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 13, 2013
I'll probably enter the Giantess one.

Anyone notice Meme seemed to be "winning" everything.
I have a feeling she's our's too bad,
if she played fair I'd offer her a spot in the Club,
but I checked all the ended contests. Anything she
entered she won and everyone else had low votes.

What are y'all's thoughts on Lucifret and

United Kingdom
Posted On: November 11, 2013
Two new contests up (and I restarted my Beautiful
Giantess contest as I only got one entry last time)

~* Computer Game Girls - Blaze Fielding *~

~* Purple Haze *~

Palatine, IL
Posted On: November 8, 2013
Just popping by to say hello again; I have a break
coming up in a few weeks before finals get going and
then I get about a month off which is awesome Happy
belated Halloween guys

Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 7, 2013
Entered the Creativity contest with the scrolly vector.
It's also now available on my Maker so that ya'll can
enter too.

Who's hosting it?

Nashville, TN
Posted On: November 5, 2013
It's Tabby! Hi!!!!!!

Btw, good news for y'all. I'm cutting my hours back
at work. Which means I'll have more time for TDP, not
that that means much as this place is pretty dead
But alas, things happen.

New York, NY
Posted On: November 4, 2013
I miss this club

United Kingdom
Posted On: November 1, 2013
Happy Halloween! I'm going to a party tonight; last
night, I stayed in and ate sweets cuz I was still not
very well (had a cold for the past few days).

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