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Holbrook, NY
Posted On: January 4, 2006
Hey everyone... I just joined this club a minute ago.
I'm a huge wrestling fan and it's great to see that
there are other wrestling fans on here besides

Beverly Hills, CA
Posted On: December 17, 2005
oh and of course the hulkster and macha man randy

Beverly Hills, CA
Posted On: December 17, 2005
hi, I've been a wrestling fance since before I was
born lol. My favorite male wrestlers are Jeff
Hardy/Matt Hardy, and Christian/Edge; my favorite
female wrestlers are Lita or Stacey, favorite divas
Ashley & Kristy. No matter whether they are heel or
face (bad or good), there characters are my favorite.

Beverly Hills, CA
Posted On: December 8, 2005
actully when hulk hogan first started, it was real then
the mcmahons took over and made it entertainment
instead of a sport

Milton, WI
Posted On: November 30, 2005
I don't really like watching wrestling on tv but i'm
a wrestling manager for my school and i love watching
it in person. It's very exciting to be a part

Winterville, GA
Posted On: November 26, 2005
cool I really love raw and

United Kingdom
Posted On: November 22, 2005
omg john crena n randy orton r effin peng!!!!!!


Port Saint Lucie, FL
Posted On: November 19, 2005
It was sad when I heard Eddie Guerrero died I cried for
a while I love wrestling alot I am kind of absessed I
have John Cena's autograph and big show's atougrph It
was so cool meeting them.COOL BUT NERVE WREKING.

Kremmling, CO
Posted On: November 5, 2005
ok im not joing this club but i am a huge wrestling
fan. even thought i cant spell it. and im wondering if
you guys can tell me wut happened at tabo tuesday. is
jhone cena still the champ. (hes hot
) and can you tell me how you put the pics up on
this sight. you see i joined a club. and they assigend
me to put art up . but i dont know how. can you help me
out some. just doll mail me. plz. i dont think ill be
checking up on this sight again. and did you know that
matt hardy lost his job. its true. he went up against
Edge in that one match and lost. now hes not in
wrestling anymore. but we still have jhone cens

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Created: Nov 3, 2005
Members: 200
Total Club Funds: 55572 DP
Rating: 20

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