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Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
All created clubs and cliques have to follow TDP Terms Of Use. We do not allow any sexually related material. The Doll Palace will be enforcing this rule and completely blocking access to the accounts that disregard our policy.
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Total Club Funds:    67950 DP
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For those of you applying to be new members. Please go to the 'Appy' section and answer all the questions in a DOLLMAIL to tainted_creations. Just copy and paste the form, fill it out, and send. Thank you in advanced.


New Layout

Dolls Coming Soon

About the Club
This club was created on June 23rd 2006 by nire_10
It was later taken over by nikkolai [now taiNted_creations]. It has seen many members come and go, all of whom are remembered and welcome on this page.
Our current members are composed of none premium members. Nikk and Tiffy.
We welcome you to our club and invite you to know more about us.

About Me





Living life





Music- ill nino, breaking benjamin, three days grace, skillet, etc.

Books- Garth nix, trudi canavan, isaac asimov, stephanie meyer, etc


Not a lot.

My role in this club is making dolls, layouts, donating, and generally organising which i'm no good at lol! Of course everyones free to contribute to the club dolls but if nobody wants to i'm happy making them

About Me
Hello im Tiffany im the yongest in the club! im 14. I am Single,not looking, 8th grade i'm going to shine, i like to stay positive,i live life to the fullest i couldnt live with out my friends who help me trough every thing anyways Doll mail me?


not much,

3 days grace keeps me alive(: but there is more

donating,helping with any thing nikki needs

New Member

New Member


Application Form
How long have you been on TDP:
How did you hear about Woot_Woot:
Why would you like to join:
Do you know any of the current members or previous members:
If yes, who:
How active are you:
Any coding/animating abilities:

Thank you for filling out the form, please DM it to tainted_creations. And a reply will be sent to you as soon as can be.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: March 22, 2009
aww tiff im so sorry to hear that
i hope she get better soon.
i love the new layout

Bethel, OH
Posted On: March 21, 2009
yeah he's fine but my sis is in the hospial now!
she has mrsa wich she had in noveber to and had to
stay in the hospital for 6 days =(

it sucks =(

the club looks awesome btw

United Kingdom
Posted On: March 20, 2009
lol thanks and im sorry hun to hear about your grandpa
well i can't wait to see the new dolls i bet they be
awsome like awlays.
i lost count the amout of people that have told me i
have a cool profile doll lol
love drew

Bethel, OH
Posted On: March 17, 2009
yah hes doing better
and aw im srry to her that yeah go jay go!
my haster and babbies 15!!!
nanan boo boo =P
i get my doll ha ha ha ha

United Kingdom
Posted On: March 17, 2009
Awwweh tiffy thats so sad
Is he alright?!!
Mine and Jaysons God daughter went to the hospital at
the weekend, jayson apparently panicked, couldn't get
his keys in the ignition of his car and decided to
abandon it and ran all the way to the hospital.
Bless him, he's a dork >.<
gotta love the committment though.

I hope your grandpa gets better.
congrats on all your results as well guys.
I've been working on new dolls, which is why i've
been quiet.
Tiffy yours is done.
Everyone else, ye gots to wait m'afraid.

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Created: Jun 23, 2006
Members: 3
Total Club Funds: 67950 DP
Rating: 17

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