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Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
All created clubs and cliques have to follow TDP Terms Of Use. We do not allow any sexually related material. The Doll Palace will be enforcing this rule and completely blocking access to the accounts that disregard our policy.
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Total Club Funds:    28916 DP
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Welcome to the

We are Skanks

Dont try to steal anything

Read rules before you do ANYTHING

We only accept our friends. Sorry

We rock your fucking socks off mmkeh fuckers?

We are original...unlike you

Pssh wish you were a SKANK like us


1 )Psssh no losers please

2 )DONT Copy us

3 )Dont keep asking to join if i dont accept you


5 )Dont hate us cuz we rock..dont be jealous.

6 )One more time, DONT STEAL

7 )All members MUST have a box. And MUST use a club doll as their default.

8 )Also, you must pick a name. For example im Retro Skank and Li is Kitty Skank.

9 )Dollmail me what you want in your box ASAP!

10 ) have a nice day :]


Sister Clubs




Pssh..yeah you WISH you were as HAWT like us :]

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Hm, im Brittany. me Britt

I'd be rockin this place

You see me party in Staten Island,New york

I think Hilary Duff is a SLUT

Hm, love me XD

I listen to Technoe,Rock,Alternative,Electrikk,And Disco (not in order)


Oh, just for the record.

The weather today is slightly sarcastic.

The name's Mandy.

She's 16, and oh so pretty.

Korean, born in Canada.

She doesnt tolerate with racism.

She's not emo, or all rawr ima dino robot blah blah.

She's none of that shit.

She's Mandy.

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Virgin Islands (British)
Posted On: September 10, 2006
what if i told you that there was a clique right here
on thedollpalace, where you can make dolls? well,
up and answer my question, because there is a clique
right here on thedollpalace, where you can make
dolls!!! the clique is called, shuni_maker . yes,
shuni_maker. in shuni_maker, you can make, and save
actual shuni dolls. they are hard to find props, but
easy for you. join today, because if you dont, it's
YOU who missed out. ;o

Hillside, IL
Posted On: August 29, 2006
cool club

Beebe River, NH
Posted On: August 9, 2006
Hello do you want to be sister clubs with Kandy_G?
well get back to me =]

Maria ♥

Kailua, HI
Posted On: August 7, 2006
hey ya guz!! wondering If I could join on my other

United Kingdom
Posted On: July 19, 2006
u losers ive reported u 4 copying us and ur pathetic
lil clubs gonna get taken away. so stop copying us
bishes, and get a lyf. ur so unoriginal.

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Created: Apr 2, 2006
Members: 3
Total Club Funds: 28916 DP
Rating: 30

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