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Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
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Okay from now on I will try to update this place EVERY WEEK. =]] YAY! I will try and change the layout, and maybe add a few contests, if I can figure out some good things to do. I will try and make this place a lot more fun to be at.

Hey I just wanted to say SO sorry that I havn't updated in like forever!

First of all this club is to represent girl pride. This is a place where you can just talk to some girls instead of boys. I made this becasue boys break your heart. They cheat. They're just trying to get stuff. And nobody likes that?

Does anybody want this club? Like you would be a co-owner. cause I never get on this website/update.
Dollmail me if you want it. NO COMMENTS.

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Melvindale, MI
Posted On: July 19, 2009
hey. i want this club. it sounds cool and i feel the
same way about boys. all they do is want u for ur body
and thats wrong. they also just want to make u jealous,
even if u were already with them. but whatever. i just
wanted to say that this sounds like a great club and
that it makes girls feel better bout their selves than
with a guy. so..dollmail me if u r considering giving
me this club.

Anniston, AL
Posted On: July 11, 2009

Monroe, LA
Posted On: June 3, 2009
hey ya'll wuz up my name is brianna...omg did i just
say that?!!!

Ceres, CA
Posted On: May 17, 2009
i like this club it's cool i want to get in it but
how do u get mone? i think who ever made this club is
so cute and smart and poplular

Columbus, OH
Posted On: May 11, 2009
WIN. FAIL. lol!

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Created: Oct 23, 2005
Members: 452
Total Club Funds: 28964 DP
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