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Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
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Brooklyn, NY
Posted On: August 31, 2014
Please submit a pj doll! I need to have a submission
with some real creativity!

Palatine, IL
Posted On: August 31, 2014
It's all about gathering props and editing things
offline, which is why I came to love the contests
section: by allowing people to upload their own files
off of their computers, it allows everyone the ability
to create unique and high quality dolls. I've paid for
premi in the past, and I love that it gave me access to
the personal makers, but there are site out there (some
of them are even listed under our club links page!),
and I made sure to save any items I found in the
personal makers to their own files...I've been meaning
to sort through all the items I have again actually...I
have a PJ doll in the works; five characters in one
scene is a lot!

Brooklyn, NY
Posted On: August 31, 2014
@Belladoggy, I am glad to be here. @Miranda, Case in
point. My PJ party contest. I don't want to be
negative, but seriously... It would be unfair to not
approve these entries, but you get squashed when you
do. I wish these people understood the work that goes
in to making a good doll, and yea... you don't have to
be premi to have them. Belladoggy(for example) makes
some FANTASTIC dolls!I love her work.

United Kingdom
Posted On: August 31, 2014
It annoys me too when you see loads of fantastic dolls
which have had tons of work put in rated a three, then
this crappy doll which was obviously knocked up in five
seconds rated a five. -.-

Palatine, IL
Posted On: August 30, 2014
YAY! I was wondering when you were finally gonna join

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Created: Feb 19, 2009
Members: 7
Total Club Funds: 282387 DP
Rating: 7

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