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7/21 - I posted 2 new profile layouts. Hope you like. =]
7/18 - Sorry I haven't updated in for ever but the real update is here. I've made a new layout for the clique so the old one is now up on the site. There are no new layouts/dolls besides that but bear with me. I don't plan on getting on very often but expect me about twice a week maybe less when school starts. All that I changed was how to get the code: click the link that says 'layout codes' and find the number of the layout you are looking for. It's pretty simple but if you need help just ask.
b.t.w. I'm a little ify about this layout so tell me what you think. Oh & I will take suggestions on the songs.
A Long Time Ago - I've already ran out of room on this clique. So I am in the process of a master plan. Mwhaha. It may take a while, so please be patient with me. Also we have reached 100+ members & made the first page!

About Us
This is another one of those
doll/layout making cliques, you can use any of the things we offer but please follow these few rules:

1.) Join first.

2.) If there is a credit leave it on.

3.) Be nice to other members [I can ban you].

If there is a code I have that you desire just dollmail me & I will share unless the maker has asked other wise. I don't plan on doing personal requests but if there is something you want to see comment about it & I will do our best to make it happen.

Thanks & Enjoy. ^_^

P.S. I did not steal any of my codes & if one of my layouts looks like one of yours (setup or in general) please don't just harass the clique. Comment or dollmail xxMascaraTears and we can work something out.

These are all dolls I have made, they don't all have credit on them. But please don't claim them as your own.

Profile Layouts
Layout Codes

Profile #1

Profile #2

Profile #3

Profile #4

Profile #5
[my completly awsome Twilight layout]

Profile #6
[another completly awsome Twilight layout]

Profile #7

Profile #8
[the picture on the comments flash]

Profile #9

Profile #10

Profile #11

Club/Clique Layouts
Layout Codes

Clique #1

Clique #2

Clique #3

Clique #4


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(and extra stuff)
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Paris, TX
Posted On: July 16, 2008
Ahh. I would love a scroll box. & just put < center >
(without the spaces) before the code it should work. :]

University Cente, MI
Posted On: July 15, 2008
ok thanks and yeah but can you help me on centering my
scroll boxes on my clique? and if you want you can have
your own box and stuff just tell me!

Paris, TX
Posted On: July 14, 2008
Thanks guys.
& yeah I'll join your clique.

University Cente, MI
Posted On: July 13, 2008
olli wanna join my clique?X_SceneMonsters?anyone else
too I need help with it tho like layout wise and
editing so yeah

Raymore, MO
Posted On: July 13, 2008
Wow, Ollie the Clique looks amazing. :]
Sorry I wasn't much help, I'm back from my recovery

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Created: May 17, 2008
Members: 248
Rating: 15

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