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Total Club Funds:    25634 DP
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be my secret admirer? - [ 24.5 ] ♥ ♥ ♥
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Taste the rainbow.(:

StrikingLove's Page.

rules. [ ♥ ]

1. Must Not Leave rude Comments.

2. Be respectful and don't steal anything, except our banners.

3. Don't try to join us and then sign up for a Million clubs after.

4. No Chain Letters.

5. To join you Must tell us who you are Decribe yourself to us,, what can you contribute to
the Club Blah Blah blah Stuff like that.


Whose here?! :]

about us. [ ♥ ]

There are Five Members. We were created a year ago, Right about this time during the season. It''ll be our One Year Anniversary.-December 12, 2006- Love you guys.(: We slowly came up to the first page. ^_^ toookk hard work though. Maria is our Co-Owner,[Owner] Whitney is the Owner. Kandice is Our lovely good friend member, shes a sweet chick,. And last but not least Cheyenne is our baby =]. ITS OHKAY TOO BE THE BABY THOUGH. lol. We do except one more member. But you've got to qualify with the other members. If they dont except you, I [owner] dont except you. Sorry but its ALL or nothing in a way? Come and Donate!

Sister Clubs:
xSexy_XLadies Retrostars__

newest dolls. [ ♥ ]

Dolls Mia Made

sry i forgot to make britt a doll, ill try to make one soon =]

More from Maria ;]]

Maria made these :]]

These 5 where made by Ella ;]]



Whitneyy -[ ♥ ]

Names Whitney.....
The Number One Gangsta of Hamburg Germany.
I'm Talented. ILOVEBOYS
What can I say There hot. Shove it If you Don't like that.
I have E'mazing Friends,Im Honest
I am also Awkwardly Nice. I don't HATE everyone.
But Somehow I have
HATERS! HA,I know you might ask, what is this wonderful chick doing single eh?
&&& its kind of odd. havent been single for this long.
Candy Is my Specialty.
I put Bugs To shame. I make your Pantalones drop.
I dont Proclaim that Im emo or anything. I hate it when people Label themselves because basically there posing. Just for the people. The TPD Isnt a Fasion show where you go with the trend. Its just a WEBSITE. Geez;;Im a whitney, no one like me, I MEAN no one. IDo not care what you think of me, BITE ME If you dont like that. I Love all My friends,, My club, And My Family. I'm The TradeMark

Mariaa - [ ♥ ]

¢¾ This is me, Dont like it? Dont care =D
¢¾ For Starters the names Maria
¢¾ I Have nicknames.... such as Mia And Ria
¢¾ AKA Missing in action [MIA] and Retard in action [RIA]
¢¾ Yes im a dumb blonde at times, but you gatta admit, you love me anyways.
¢¾ MY Best Friends are my Life*
¢¾ Am¢¾,/Jl¢¾,/Th¢¾,/Sl¢¾,/Br¢¾
¢¾ I cant really trust anyone from all the shit ive been through
¢¾ Recently had her heart broken.... but is working on mending it
¢¾ Theres only one guy in my whole life i have loved more then anyone
¢¾ And he doesnt even no that i love ¢¾ Him ¢¾
¢¾ And mabe someday someone will change that
¢¾ if you ever ask me if theres anything wrong, or if im ok,
¢¾ the chances will be me saying nuthing,
¢¾ When in reality everything is bothering me.

¢¾ But i just dont like admiting it because everyones used to me being the happy joyfull Maria
¢¾ I dont really believe in falling in love anymore..
¢¾ I could live without it.
¢¾ All that happnes is you get hurt....repeatidly (5times 4 me)
¢¾ But i think im falling in love again ;]¢¾ Everyone loves hanging out with me
¢¾ Im one of those people that is the life of the party
¢¾ And if your not having fun expect me to be all over you till you smile.
¢¾ I Have to be the center of attention.
¢¾ I hate it if im not, but im not a bitch, well maybe not all the time.x]
¢¾ If i could go back in time i would
¢¾ Id get rid of my old heartbreaks.
¢¾ Im very random
¢¾ I cant stay mad at my true friends for long
¢¾ I love the spring .... i dont no why though =]
¢¾ Maybe its the new grass and everything just starting out new again.
¢¾ I wish i could do that.
¢¾ I hate being home alone
¢¾ I need someone to talk to, someone to give me attention.
¢¾ I hate being alone period.
¢¾ If i dont have a boyfriend .... i make one in like a day
¢¾ Even if i dont like them.
¢¾ But i like the one i have now, Toe man ;] lol
¢¾ I hate fake people
¢¾ Shiney things amuse me very easily
¢¾ I have the attention spand of an ant x]
¢¾ I always have my friends back.... even if they were stupid and did something wrong.
¢¾ Yes sometimes i think im better then everyone else, but i mean come on doesnt everyone think that once in a while?
¢¾ I'll admit im addicted to AIM, and TheDollPalace.
¢¾ I have my own style... i hate it when people ''follow trends'' be yourself for god sake.
¢¾ And if you dont, the chances are youll most likely be called a fake for trying to blend in.
¢¾ Im one of those people that stick out in a crowd.

¢¾ Mainly because im loud and i am who i am, dont like it? i dont give a fuck mmmkay =D
¢¾ I HATE CLOWNS they are the most freakiest things in the world

¢¾ And the movie IT, Totally scared me for life x]
¢¾ Im determned to get things done.
¢¾ And if you dont do something the way i like it... you gatta do it again.
¢¾ Stupid people piss me off..... i wanna punch them all in the face
¢¾ Cough Cough *sShaun* Cough Cough
¢¾ I regreat things ive done in the past.
¾ But then again who doesnt
¢¾ Im not perfect
¢¾ But most the time i am x]
¢¾ I hate liers
¢¾ They can suck my nuts
¢¾ And people who steal
¢¾ Who obviously dont have any lives if they feel the need to steal.
¢¾ I hate people who talk about me behind my back
¢¾ And deny it when i ask them about it
¢¾ If you wanna fight me im all for it, but to me fighting is stupid.
¢¾ Just means you 'think' you can kick my ass,
¢¾ When in reality i can kick yours =]
¢¾ I love old people, they are so cute.
¢¾ Because they spend the rest of thier lives with the one they love and dont care about looks.
¢¾ I repeat myself sometimes if i think your not listening to me.
¢¾ I hate death.... it scares me not knowing whats going to happen
¢¾ I flirt ALOT

¢¾ I cant help it.... ive always been like that.

¢¾ But most the time i dont even notice it.

¢¾ SO if i do flirt with you, doesnt mean i like you, i flirt with everyone.
¢¾ When i get drunk i like to tell people i love them millions of time and lick peoples faces.
¢¾ Im really funi once you get to know me

¢¾ I love kissing ... it turns me on ... and its romantic.
¢¾ I fall for guys to easilly
¢¾ And i get attatched way to fast.
¢¾ My most used phrase on AIM is 'LOL'
¢¾ I'm always sarcastic [smart ass] ... but i no when to be serious.
¢¾ Sometimes i can be happy and hyper.... then in like 5 min.. ill be all depressed.
¢¾ I miss shaun alot
¢¾ I hate it when people make promises, and get ingaged,
¢¾ ^And they go and break them... and your heart.^
¢¾ Im a Major junk food junkie.
¢¾ My favorite fruits are Cherries and Strawberries.
¢¾ Im a libra.
¢¾ I love sex.... i think they call it a nimphoe... sumptin like that.
¢¾ I collect special toys ;]
¢¾ Dohnuts make me happy x]
¢¾ If i have one in the morning, it makes my day xD

¢¾ Me and Jen are Ninja Turtles =D
¢¾ Im TERRIFIED of spiders and snakes
¢¾ I hate the dark..... i cant even go outside alone at night for heavens sake.
¢¾ I can sleep in the dark .. however ... but only if someones sleeping with me x]
¢¾ Umm and this is all i can think of at the moment.... but ill add more when i think ofn some mmkay =]
¢¾ And my AIM is: MariaLGuys // iiilO0veyewxox // xXxLyKeOmFgX
¢¾ Have a Nice day Peeps =] ¢¾

Kandicee - [ ♥ ]

I'm Kandice (:
If that is too compicated for you, i guess you can call me Kandy.
I'm nothing close to being perfect nor will i ever. Yet you wont either.
I am who I am and i wont change for anyone. My friends i've met on
this website are amazing, and honestly i couldn't live with out them, yeah
they are a few billion miles away but that doesn't effect the conversation we have.
I think I go threw quite a lot of shit, and i try to think positive even if all i want to
do is cry. I really do suck at life, i'm always getting slaped in the face with something
i've done wrong, but thats life i guess. I've made mistakes, but who hasn't? I really
don't care i don't live life by regrets. I learn lessons and i go from there, my mistakes
are often but oh well. I'm quite slow and stupid sometimes,
i don't tend to be something
in life that involves a lot of thinking. I'm quite an esay going person and easy to get along with
I love many things and people in my life, I wouldn't be able to live without those things or people
or i would seriously die. I really don't know what else to say, so this is all your gonna get from
mee at this moment. toddles

Cheyennee - [ ♥ ]

The name? Cheyenne. The mission? To write and sing 'till even my dog passes out. That band? Modest Mouse. Deal with the indieness. That color? Orange. Sunshine mixed with citrus. Dramatic, yet me. That 'tude? Bubbly. Unpoppable bubbles. Seriously =) That song? It's the one that cheers me up: Umbrella *The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit* That quote?

"The bravest are the most tender; the loving are the daring." -Bayard Taylor, Journalist.

So..... CAN YOU DIG IT? <3 <3 <3

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Merritt Island, FL
Posted On: November 28, 2009
hi my name is happybunny10111213 how do you make stuff

Posted On: February 28, 2009
him new

Posted On: February 28, 2009

Posted On: January 22, 2009

Hicks, LA
Posted On: October 25, 2008
Okay, I'm Violet and I love to dance. Ummmm..... COOL
PAGE! Ummm... I love music and... Please let me join! I
can do anything you want!

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