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Hey people i've got a couple of photo's I found that just cracked me up. I can't think of a good caption for either of them so I need you guys to suggest some.

Think of it as a caption contest, best and funniest wins.


-The New York Post reports that Lindsay's eight-year-old brother, Cody, was shunned by Hilary and her boyfriend at New York City's Jingle Ball.

Lindsay's brother and mother were at the event and went backstage in hopes of getting an autograph from Cody's favourite band, Good Charlotte.But Hilary ordered her boyfriend, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, to refuse the request. A witness says that Joel bluntly told Lindsay's mother, "Until your daughter publicly apologizes to [Hilary], you're not getting any autographs."

"Cody started crying, he was so upset," says the source. "Lindsay's
mother was just appalled."

If I was Lindsay's mother, I would have beat him (Joel) up!

-Aaron Carter Says Lindsay's A Better Kisser Than Hilary reports: With Aaron Carter onstage at Verizon during Mix 93.3 FM's recent Red, White & Boom concert, Mix DJ Cabana Boy told the crowd that Carter — who dated both Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan — announced that Lohan was far and away the best kisser. "Aaron Carter told Cabana Boy Lindsay Lohan was a much better kisser than Hilary Duff because Hilary slurps a lot," Mix 93.3 FM afternoon jock Kelly Urich told the Kansas City Star.

-There are over 4000 Anti-Hillary Duff sites to be found on google search alone.

why hate?

01. She obviously can't sing

02. She says she listens to The Cure, when here she says she LOVES Britney Spears and her music, she's an insult to The Cure's music.

03. She has pictures holding a guitar and she can't even play, and she even copied Avril Lavinge's plaid skirt outfit.

04. Hilary always criticises other artists: like, "evanescence, your cover is way to scary for little kids. They are a GOTHIC/ROCK band. They do not design their songs for 5 year olds.

05. Moreover, with Avril Lavigne: "she should appreciate her fans allot more!" Leave Avril alone, she complained about the fact that they copied her style; she has a right to be unique ya'know.

06. Her fans constantly complain to anti-Hilary sites. They come in and Go OmG YoUr Sooo JeAlOuS!!!11

07. And because of their constant whining the site gets more popular… Guys stop visiting if you want it to go away.

08. She says she listens to The Cure, when here she says she LOVES Britney Spears and her music, she's an insult to The Cure's music.

09. She's 17, she needs to act her age and stop acting like she's still a 13 year old and on Lizzie McGuire

10. She's a corporate mainstream, brand name, designer label, Barbie doll. She is completely fake, so basically her music is a lie, her image is a lie, and she is a lie. Hillary fans need to listen to some real bands like any of the following,
A. Avenged Sevenfold
B. Jimmy Eat World
C. The Used.

What other celebs say

" Hilary is a doll, but I wanna be myself. She's stereotype." ~ Ashlee Simpson on how her record company wanting her to copy Duffer.

" Why the hell does she care about my fans?! She is such a goody-goody mommy's girl" ~ Avril Lavigne on Hilary saying Avril should respect her fans.

" I don't care that girl says freaky or not, someone needs to tell her how immature and disgusting she is. I can do what I want and I that my business not hers, if she thinks it's freaky she does not need to be intact of my music or whatever. This is called culture, my music is beautiful my CD cover is beautiful, I'am beautiful, but Hilary Duff?" ~ Amy Lee after Hilary said Amy's album cover & music was ugly.

" My songs won't talk about kissing a boy or how cool am I, I like some songs out there. I want to explore deeper topic" ~ Christy Carlson Romano.

" Interviewer to Frankie Muniz: " You had to save Hilary's character in the movie Agent Cody Banks. Would you do that in real life?" Frankie Muniz ( laughs ) " Nooooooo way!!!!"

" When I heard " Why Not " I was like " What is happening to music these days." ~ Michelle Branch.

" O, God, that girl annoyed me so much this year. Hopefully she'll eventually become old and won't play her music anymore." (laughs) ~ Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

" Her music is the 2nd most annoying music ever of 2004... after Usher." ~ Mike Dirnt of Green Day


Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Nice boots

Hey Bob...uh...turn the camera over, I was playing a game of dodgeball with some fans...I think I broke my jaw.
(Caption by hyeshakar)

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Posted On: September 12, 2007
grow up

and find some other time on your hands instead of being

United Kingdom
Posted On: September 12, 2007
great site! i'm with ya!

Posted On: August 28, 2007
Finally someone else who hates duff frankly i am sick
of everyone loveing her so much her music sounds the
same to every other pop music star and the only reason
why she pretty much has a career in music is becasue
she was lizzie watever and makeing tons of moneu cause
lil kids like her so much she has no music talent at
all and she should really try focusing her energy on
her own image instead of others she dosent have to pose
off of other people if she wants to be loved i wouldnt
mind her so much if she just stuck with acting because
frankly her music is like nails on a chalk board or the
sound of a dieing animal, people who like hilary duff
no ofence to u i am just sick of hearing her crap
everywhere she is an actress nothing more nothing

Posted On: August 28, 2007
girl who made this,
you're an idiot.
none of the reasons for hating Hilary are legit.
face it, you're jealous because you're an ugly ho,
and she's pretty, rich, and famous.

you're desperate and pathetic.
and for the comment on 4,000 hate sites about her...
those people are jealous as well.

its pretty clear that jealousy is the main element.
whether you realize it or not.

i'm not even much of a fan of her.
but, i think you're all a bunch of idiots.


San Leandro, CA
Posted On: August 24, 2007
hillary duff is a fu.cking skank bag, but I also
hate ashlee simpson so i realaly dislike that she hate
hillary too...

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