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Dollers of the world...  Reunite!!!
Don't you think that a lot of people share your ideas and goals? TDP Clubs gives you ability to bring together different people to create your own community. You can participate in many cliques at the same time, but you can only join single club.
All created clubs and cliques have to follow TDP Terms Of Use. We do not allow any sexually related material. The Doll Palace will be enforcing this rule and completely blocking access to the accounts that disregard our policy.
You have to Sign-In to create a new or join one of the existing cliques
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  Cliques In Clique
 ViewGirls_boys Become a sister clique!! 1755 people
 ViewPunk_Rock_Emoonly 4 punk rockers, sk8ers and emoz!!  1092 people
 ViewHarry_PotterThis is a Place for all Harry Potter fans to come and talk. 694 people
 ViewFashionistaNeed help! Come to apply  665 people
 ViewGiRLiE_GiRlSGIRLIE GIRLS 543 people
 ViewHIP_HOPthis is the club for all the hip hop fans! join if ur interessted and there is only 1 rule! no racism allowed! 541 people
 ViewDADDRevitalized for the summer! Come help us fight the dirty content on the site! 486 people
 ViewThe_Mean_Girlsredone by: MHWND8&tinkerbell441  368 people
 ViewLayout_FactoryNew Working on it. 320 people
 ViewAuthors_CliqueThis is for those who like writing stories,fanfiction,real life stories and so on. 299 people
 ViewStop_Gay_BashingHelp us create tolerance on the site! 281 people
 ViewJuicy_Babes♥Juicy Babez 4 Life!!♥ 263 people
 ViewPremiumDollMakerNew layout! 254 people
 ViewTHE_SIMS_2_411THE SIMS 2 411 248 people
 ViewCrayon_ScribblesDolls & Layouts for your TDP needs. 248 people
 ViewDollMaker_MOVED 246 people
 ViewMusic_x_Loveanyone who loves music. doesn't matter what kind. just music in general. xx' 235 people
 ViewGirlsGalorethe club for all s who love shopping,dancing,acting,movies, writing,beach,swimming,or whatever you love! 219 people
 ViewSabresxRockSabresxRock Dollmaker--NEW PROPS AND LAYOUT :) 214 people
 ViewAero_BabeAero Babesss =] 209 people
 ViewLipgloss_GalzPrepare to Be Amazed. 181 people
 ViewDegrassi_CliqueCoMe haNg OuT, mAkE fRiEnDs, AnD tAlK aBoUt DeGrAsSi. 177 people
 Viewdoll_crazyjoin and u get a free name tag 140 people
 ViewPaperBearshake it senorita 135 people
 ViewBabes_foreverHey this club is for anyone who wants to make friends and just have fun on TDP! Kelli..xx 134 people
 Viewsingers_dancers_Just be who you are, each week, we will have a meeting on who we think are the best singers,and songs. 129 people
 ViewWeird_ppl_clubOnly weird ppl lmao. 128 people
 ViewsAILORmOONfANSfor all you SAILOR MOON fans :) *from the maker of the ANIME CLUB* ^tr0pic0lz^  127 people
 Viewboys_boys_boysNEED A GAL! CUM ERE!!!! 126 people
 Viewhilery_duff_suxWE HATE HILARY! 126 people
 ViewDreamerstalk about anythin.dreamers are all welcome any pics,1 rule. dont be mean 2 any1 or get the boot! All ages!!!! 123 people
 ViewGraceful_DollsGraceful_Dolls  119 people

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