July 22, 2007

About Me

Well my life? :S My life? VERY EXCITING! I can make friends with anyone, ONLY if there nice to me. I have LOTS of friends,Georgina, Jessica, Josie, Mackenzie, Lindsay Kopika, Sinade,(LLAC), Alison, Jazmyn, Kelsie, Emma, Natalie W, Sonya W, Taylor P, Katerina, Erika W, Elizabeth, Sophia, Maddie Varga, Maddie Volute, Alex, and more once I think more… Ok well a BIG part of my life is LLAC .. Lemons Limes And Coconuts Club:D, with; Georgina, Jessica, Josie, Mackenzie, Lindsay, Kopika, Sinade. Were burrying the time capsul soon hopefully :D … Im single and loven it! Other thing about me, My FAV foods are; Jumbo freezes, Milkshakes, pepers, Pizza

well other than that i love my life and i dont give a crap about what other people say :D I want to live life the fullest and just have fun! even if theres byiotchezz tryen to tell be what to do

Pics Of Mua

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