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July 2016
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July 14, 2007

I’ve changed my mind

this is going to be a random blog full of random things so forget about all ratings!? yeah?

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Cute Things

Hello Kitty!!

You know those things that you liked when you were about 5 and then you thought it was babyish when you were 8/9 yrs old and then the cuteness came back when you were 11/12 and so on??

Well..’im addicted to Sanrio o(^_^)o and san-x all over again!!

they’re really cute charcaters. people agree??

please post a comment on you fave charcters! :P


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About what i will be telling you…..

Well, this is my blog at the dollpalace and i’ve hardly got started.

This basically rates stuff like books, movies, websites etc.

Now, I know that i will not be able to rate everything so i will just rate stuff i know about.

Sbb means Strawberry Bon Bon

And if you want me to rate something for you… I will TRY to get/see it. I might not get there.

1st rating ^_^

Naruto- Manga, vol. 1

Vol.1 The Tests of the Ninja

In another world, ninja are the ultimate power- and in the village of Konohagakure live the stealthiest ninja in the world. But 12 years ago Konoha was attacked by a fearsome threat- a nine tailed demon fox which claimed the life of the Hokage, the village champion. Today, peace has returned, and a troublemaking orphan named Uzumaki Naruto is struggling to graduate from the Ninja Academy. His goal: To become the next Hokage. But unknown to Naruto and his classmates, within him is a very terrifying force…

My view: Boring start but cliffhanger finish is a good book for action manga lovers. **** 4 stars

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Hello world!

Welcome to Doll Palace Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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