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July 2007
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July 18, 2007

I H8 U!

I simply hate global warming but i cant hate it because its our fault anyway!! :(


We have to save our planet or we will wilt and die as well

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Well, im bored so hres the month of July ones:

ARIES - March 21st - April 20th
Business and pleasure coincide quite nicely on the 1st, especially if you enlist the aid of a relative. The 9th finds you exchanging flirtatious glances with a sexy newcomer. Misunderstandings with family members begin to clear up after the 10th. A shocking bit of news on the 11th results in an emotional breakthrough. The New Moon on the 14th prompts you to be more compassionate toward a woman in your private life. A pay raise or lucrative job could arrive out of the blue on the 20th. Your popularity soars on the 23rd; be prepared to attend lots of parties over the next month. Neither a lender nor a borrower be on the 24th. You may be asked to revisit an old work assignment on the 27th, but fortunately, this will be a labour of love. Exciting family news might reach your ears on the 29th. The Full Moon in Aquarius prompts you to listen less to friends and consult your own heart more.

TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Taking care of family responsibilities proves to be a labour of love on the 1st. An emotional appeal to a love interest works wonders on the 9th. You’ll feel much more appreciated on the 10th, when a long misunderstanding is finally cleared up. If you’re looking for a new place to live, be sure to take a look at the real estate ads on the 11th. The New Moon on the 14th is ideal for launching a website or submitting an article for publication. Talking a friend into a crazy plan may not be as difficult as it seems on the 20th. A lost love could resurface sometime between the 27th and September 8th. If you long for a trip, search the Internet for last minute discount fares on the 29th. The Full Moon on the 30th brings the end to a tense career situation.

July 17, 2007

What Emo??? :O

What the heck is an emo??

I kinda know what it is sorta…

I’ve heard people say that Emo’s cut themselves

Or…They are EMOtional

And i;ve heard this one too : Emotional Rocker

So someone plese tell me what is is?? :? :

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July 16, 2007

The Dollmakers i like

The emo avatar one,

The goth one,

The Miley one,

The prep one.


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July 15, 2007

Oh my gosh!!

sas ukeeee

The TDP article:

A comment from:lovingevil

Posted On: July 14, 2007
*hates the english version*

sucks so bad.

I read the japanese version… the latest chappie came out today. Sasuke’s gunna die


OMG!! Kewl! that is sooo unexpected!!

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July 14, 2007

The problem on fakes


Fakes are really annoying..Why cant people be themselves??

If you are an emo,goth etc., look into your heart. Are you really one of them or are you just doing this because your friends do it??

If you chose option 1, well, fine…I have nothing against you people.

If you chose option 2, Please start being youself people will like you if your yourself.

So dont be a fake..


Darkwitchyea ;)

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I’ve changed my mind

this is going to be a random blog full of random things so forget about all ratings!? yeah?

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Cute Things

Hello Kitty!!

You know those things that you liked when you were about 5 and then you thought it was babyish when you were 8/9 yrs old and then the cuteness came back when you were 11/12 and so on??

Well..’im addicted to Sanrio o(^_^)o and san-x all over again!!

they’re really cute charcaters. people agree??

please post a comment on you fave charcters! :P


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About what i will be telling you…..

Well, this is my blog at the dollpalace and i’ve hardly got started.

This basically rates stuff like books, movies, websites etc.

Now, I know that i will not be able to rate everything so i will just rate stuff i know about.

Sbb means Strawberry Bon Bon

And if you want me to rate something for you… I will TRY to get/see it. I might not get there.

1st rating ^_^

Naruto- Manga, vol. 1

Vol.1 The Tests of the Ninja

In another world, ninja are the ultimate power- and in the village of Konohagakure live the stealthiest ninja in the world. But 12 years ago Konoha was attacked by a fearsome threat- a nine tailed demon fox which claimed the life of the Hokage, the village champion. Today, peace has returned, and a troublemaking orphan named Uzumaki Naruto is struggling to graduate from the Ninja Academy. His goal: To become the next Hokage. But unknown to Naruto and his classmates, within him is a very terrifying force…

My view: Boring start but cliffhanger finish is a good book for action manga lovers. **** 4 stars

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Hello world!

Welcome to Doll Palace Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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