Stressed Out!!!

ok well ive been really stressed out to my limits the past couple of days.

Fightin w./ Boyfriend is prolly the most stressful of them ALL. i reall dont know why we fight.

Fightin w./ my mom & lil brother is next on the list.

see heres sumthing ya need to know is that i worry things that are  nothing all the time.and i really cant help it. i have disoder that makes me think that sumthing is gonna happen to me and my loved ones all the time. so i pretty much stay stressed out all the time.

and now my boyfriend has had a headache for 2 days now and he told me that its prolly nothing to worry about but he also said that it worrys him and ive tryed to tell myself that its nothing but that dont work w./ me.

ever since my close cousin died on my 18 b-day my disorder has been out of control!!! i think that everyone is gonna die around me. and my boyfriend means the world to me. me and him will have been together for a year Aug.28 of this year.

and im pretty sure that ur thinking “why the hell is this girl tellin me everything.”

i just needed to vent. thats all.