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We receive a lot of emails like “What is the link to …. bla bla bla”. I think front page is too cluttered and needs some simple way of navigation.

The best option would be to take everything out and rebuild it from scratch, but I do not think we are willing to take those chances…

I think the best option for now will be to add a drop down menu at the very top + Google search. What do you think?

We added Forums Profile and Blogs links to TDP profile page, this will give our blogs section a bit more exposure. Hopefully poeple will get used to it.

Every TDP doll now has all the friends listed at the bottom. If you would like to become a friend of the doll simply add her as your “Favourite doll”.

We made a decision to list TDP profile and Forums profile links. Forums profile will be listed in many other sections very soon.

Dolls Profile

Slowly working on Dolls profile page, added some basic information about each character, hopefully will be adding dolly-friends section tonight.

Blog Testing

Our blogs section is almost completed with all the major errors resolved. I am so happy to finally start inviting people to use TDP blogs. I also added 3 more WP themes today and spotted another problem with MysticLook theme.

Users currently are not able to remove the blogs, but I think this will be one of our focuses for the upcoming weeks.

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