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New GD Library

We are getting ready to the launch of the new section and all inside applications are slowly upgraded to use bundled PHP gd library. We were using the library from Boutell for almost 9 years and this year we are finally ready to make this change and start using the library from PHP.

Finally I can announce that TDP Coloring Pages are up for a new upgrade. New coloring pages have a bit different feeling. You can still import pictures, but pictures have to be more or less suitable for coloring. New interface also has a color selection and One-Click Filling so you do not have to drag […]

Well entire last week was spent on optimization, and we continued working on it today.
All dynamic front page information is now cached… and we are not relying on MYSQL cache any more, now it is cached on the application level so page should load much faster.
For Coders:
Idea is basically to create an array or PHP […]

TDP Navigator

If you will take a look at the blogs frontpage, you will find TDP navigator at tht very top, please start getting used to it …. TDP Navigator will be slowly migrated to all of TDP new pages.

TDP Stickers

Finally almost all of the requested stickers are getting ready to be mailed. Hopefully we will have a lot of happy members next week. Stickers were on delay because of problems with printing company, but now we again have all of them

We added Forums Profile and Blogs links to TDP profile page, this will give our blogs section a bit more exposure. Hopefully poeple will get used to it.

Blog Testing

Our blogs section is almost completed with all the major errors resolved. I am so happy to finally start inviting people to use TDP blogs. I also added 3 more WP themes today and spotted another problem with MysticLook theme.
Users currently are not able to remove the blogs, but I think this will be one […]