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People brought our attention on some problems in “Personal Doll Makers”. Some members created makers with tags in names and managed to create some errors on the page.
We modified output and from now on all the tags will be stripped from Personal maker Names. You can still use special characters, but all HTML tags will […]

Downtime - Apr 24

Entire day we had issues with connectivity and many people were involved helping us to resolve everything. I really appreciate all the help we got from our engineers.
Here is what was going on in the datacenter (behind the scenes)….
After a long and stressful night, agg1 is still decided not to cooperate. We are going to […]

All started from revision of Mysql Slow Queries file…. it appers that even 6 GB of memory is not enought to server the profiles and all site functions … probably will upgrade to 8 GB 
MySql is supposed to be good with joins, but after careful review me and DB amin figured that optimizer can not well […]