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People brought our attention on some problems in “Personal Doll Makers”. Some members created makers with tags in names and managed to create some errors on the page.
We modified output and from now on all the tags will be stripped from Personal maker Names. You can still use special characters, but all HTML tags will […]

TDP Navigator Dilema

We tried to put the new TDP navigator in the old layout and it looked very ungly…. had to take it off after all… Eventually all the pages will be migrated, but we need somethign in the mean time. I think we will create another navigator template for TDP blue.. and use it on all […]

We receive a lot of emails like “What is the link to …. bla bla bla”. I think front page is too cluttered and needs some simple way of navigation.
The best option would be to take everything out and rebuild it from scratch, but I do not think we are willing to take those chances…
I […]