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Archive for February, 2007

Well entire last week was spent on optimization, and we continued working on it today.
All dynamic front page information is now cached… and we are not relying on MYSQL cache any more, now it is cached on the application level so page should load much faster.
For Coders:
Idea is basically to create an array or PHP […]

All started from revision of Mysql Slow Queries file…. it appers that even 6 GB of memory is not enought to server the profiles and all site functions … probably will upgrade to 8 GB 
MySql is supposed to be good with joins, but after careful review me and DB amin figured that optimizer can not well […]

TDP Navigator Dilema

We tried to put the new TDP navigator in the old layout and it looked very ungly…. had to take it off after all… Eventually all the pages will be migrated, but we need somethign in the mean time. I think we will create another navigator template for TDP blue.. and use it on all […]

TDP Navigator

If you will take a look at the blogs frontpage, you will find TDP navigator at tht very top, please start getting used to it …. TDP Navigator will be slowly migrated to all of TDP new pages.

TDP Stickers

Finally almost all of the requested stickers are getting ready to be mailed. Hopefully we will have a lot of happy members next week. Stickers were on delay because of problems with printing company, but now we again have all of them

Another award…

Ms. E just sent me an email indicating that TDP won an award… Thank you Ms. E.
 >From the Email
Hey, congrats! Even though I’m redesigning my entire website, I still have time to give you the 1st EVER official Enthusiasm-x ‘best site award’! Your site won because:
*layout-the color scheme and web layout were different
*ideas-you had original […]

We receive a lot of emails like “What is the link to …. bla bla bla”. I think front page is too cluttered and needs some simple way of navigation.
The best option would be to take everything out and rebuild it from scratch, but I do not think we are willing to take those chances…
I […]

We added Forums Profile and Blogs links to TDP profile page, this will give our blogs section a bit more exposure. Hopefully poeple will get used to it.

New Friends for every doll

Every TDP doll now has all the friends listed at the bottom. If you would like to become a friend of the doll simply add her as your “Favourite doll”.
We made a decision to list TDP profile and Forums profile links. Forums profile will be listed in many other sections very soon.

Dolls Profile

Slowly working on Dolls profile page, added some basic information about each character, hopefully will be adding dolly-friends section tonight.

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