August 7, 2007
Summer is ending, School is starting, No new clothes

Okay, School is starting, Summer is ending and NO NEW CLOTHES? What, am I nothing? Why ME?
And why, at the same time, is my allowance money gone? Ugh! I cant take this anymore! *pulls hair* Ahhhhh!

Please leave comments, or else I’M GOING TO TURN EMO!

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August 1, 2007
Im bored

Yeah, Im bored, as you can see. People see me walking by, and what? Some ignore me, some ask me for codes and friendlily say hello and talk.

My mind is empty except for the thought of Cyril, a magician. Do you know him? I guess not, but please comment on this question.

I dont know what to say now. So I shall say good bye.

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