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Oscar 2007 - Dresses

Beyonce Knowles

Cameron Diaz

Cate Blanchet

Celine Dion

Emily Blunt

Gywneth Paltrow

Helen Mirren

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Biel

Jodie Foster

Kate Winslet

Nicole Kidman

Penelope Cruz

Portia de Rossi

Rese Witherspoon

Rinko Kikuchi

Siedah Garrett

Award Show Fashion

We have always kept one eye on celebrities to see what the latest and greatest fashion trends may be. On a few occasions per year, these beautiful women get our undivided attention. Two of the largest award shows of the year have occurred recently, and the stars were shining in their splendor.

The Golden Globes
The Golden Globes is considered slightly less formal and traditional than the Academy Awards or Oscars. This sentiment was reflected in some of the clothing choices on the red carpet. Quite a few well-known ladies such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Tina Fey wore cocktail length dresses rather than full length. This classic style statement is classy and elegant at the same time.

Many others chose to wear one of two colors this season. Black, the most traditional of formal colors was seen on quite a few lovely leading ladies. Penelope Cruz wore a beautiful full length black dress, and Cate Blanchett wore her cut away black dress with a bit of lace.

The other popular color of the season was white. The gowns of the year were not glittering with glamour, but rather draped in true screen goddess fashion.  Cameron Diaz and many others flounced their way up the red carpet in pristine condition.

Regardless of color, certain styles showed up time and time again. We all know celebrities must work hard to stay in such perfect shape, and what better way to show off their hard work than in high fashion. Dresses that draped and were worn off the shoulders were very common and showcased sculpted bodies perfectly.
The Emmy Awards
Not to be outdone, many of the small screen goddesses showed up at the Emmys in true elegant form. Most of the stars shied away from glitzy glamour and went with understated elegance instead. Many of the same themes of dress were present at the Emmys and the Golden Globes, but the Emmys showcased quite a few new designers.

gowns from lesser known designers and those designers did themselves justice. The long flowing goddess gowns abounded and again showcased perfectly toned bodies. Even a beautifully pregnant Heidi Klum made a fashion statement in her red, flowing gown.