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Hi, my name is Sam Holloway
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You Make Me Wanna Die (00)

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By LyingNaked Send DollMail
Created: 2013-12-03 10:19:18 All stories by LyingNaked
Hey, guys! It's been quite some time since I've posted here (or anyone else has, for that matter...). However, just in case someone happens to be passing through, I'd like to share with you all the prologue to my Hunger Games fanfic (adopted from a user. You can read the completed - I know! I finished something! - over at, just search 'The Ink Slinger. xox').

Disclaimers: I do not own the world of THG, I also do not own MaddiGrace Moore, Sam Holloway... and a few other characters that you may or may not see. I'm not sure if I'll post it all here or not.

Well, thanks.

I'm saddened by the dead state of this place...

- Peggie, xox.


The Prologue

‘ “What’s gonna kill you is the second part…

And the third is when your world splits down the middle…” ’


The Script – Six Degrees of Seperation.

Crimson life-fluid stains everything it touches, turning the world around me into nothing but varying shades of thick, sticky red. A metallic smells hugs the air as I move slowly forward, searching for something among the scattered and broken bodies at my feet. Once or twice my mind helpfully thrusts a name in my direction as I catch the remains of a face, recognition filling me to the point of bursting as my heart hammers in my chest and my stomach clenches around the icicle blade that seems to have inserted itself deep inside me.

The lingering shadows of screams still stalk me, hanging heavy around my shoulders. Wisps of those screams poke their ghastly fingers at my mind as I move amongst the fallen bodies. My feet struggle to find a safe place to land as I walk amongst them, and more often than not I’m forced to step on a hand or foot, a leg or arm, part of someone’s torso. Every time I do, my stomach threatens to make a guest appearance as the guilt I feel becomes so strong it almost consumes me whole.

I don’t know how, but soon I stand at the very edge of the battlefield. I try to force myself to keep going, to stumble to the large willow tree with its sweeping branches and protective fall of long, thin leaves. I take one step toward it before I fall, my arms flying out to catch me. I land on my knees, on my hands, and my mind helpfully informs me of the burning pain I feel in them. But this is the last thing on my mind as I catch a glimpse through my limbs of what lays behind me.

The golden horn towers above the red land, untouched by the gore that lies around it. It glows beneath the red sun, sending out impressive golden rays that does nothing more than intensify the blood around it. It is the only thing left in this entire area that hasn’t been soaked thoroughly with the blood of the fallen children. Because that’s all they are, that’s all we are. Children.

I force myself to my feet and turn. The golden Cornucopia seems to be mocking me as it sits there, untouched, unblemished. I swallow harshly as I lift a hand to shield my eyes. I spot the large hooked blade in my hand, my eyes widen as I stare at it. It’s wrapped in a thick coating of damp, sticky brown-red and I let it fall from my hand as horror fills me.

Laughter explodes inside my mind and I turn, racing toward the protective willow. I fall to me knees and climb beneath it, my eyes taking their merry time to adjust to the darkness beneath the tree’s embrace. I hold my breath and curl up against the base of the tree, my breath coming in strangled, choking sobs.


The voice is soft and fragile and my mind reminds me of what I was looking for. I lift my eyes slowly, searching for the source of the voice. I find her with my eyes and I almost scream. Blood stains her chest as she lays there, an arm extended to me. Her eyes are fearful, her black hair plastered to her pale cheeks as she watches, waiting.

“Maddi… MaddiGrace…” I choke out, forcing myself to move. I watch her flinch as I take her hand and hold it tight, my fingers entwining with hers. I pull her into my lap, clinging to her like she’s the only thing left keeping me alive.

“I want to go home.” She sobs, a sound so broken it catches and tugs at my heart strings. I grip her tightly, squeezing her, listening to the shaky beating of her heart. “I just want to go home.”

“You are.” I snarl through my teeth. “You’re gonna be just fine, MG, you’re gonna go home.”

I pick her up in my arms and move as carefully as I can from the willow tree’s soothing embrace. I set her down just outside the tree, on the other side of it, away from all of the broken bodies and gore left behind by the battle I can’t quite remember. I drop to my knees beside her, willing myself to die right now, to force them to take her away and return her home.

“Sammy?” She’s like a child, her words so fragile as she looks up at me with wide, watery eyes. I take her hand and squeeze it, my eyes dancing along the length of her. I spot a blade jutting out from the ankle-boots wrapped around her small feet and I reach for it. “Sammy, I want to go home…”

“I know,” I whisper as I hold the blade in my hand. I swallow and steel myself, meeting her eyes. She doesn’t see the blade; she doesn’t seem to see anything as her eyes flicker and struggle to stay focused. I stoop down, planting the softest of kisses against her lips before I sit back, inhaling nervously. “I love you, MaddiGrace Moore, and you’re gonna marry me the moment we get home.”

There’s a distant canon fire as her last breath rattles in her chest. It’s now or never, I know and I tighten my grip around the blade. Loud voices echo around me, calling for my attention, demanding I drop my knife. I hear the hovercrafts and I glance back, over my shadow. Before I know quite what I’m doing, I’ve pulled MaddiGrace’s limp body into my lamp and I press the blade to my throat, watching as the peacekeepers form a large white band around me. Waiting.

One of them takes a step toward me and I respond like a self-destructive wild animal. I cling to MaddiGrace with one hand and the other forces the blade across my throat, so deeply and so quickly that the waterfall of blood sprays the closest of the peacekeepers.

I slump brokenly over MaddiGrace as they race forward. I feel hands on me, tugging me, but I cling to MaddiGrace until my strength fails me and blackness eats at my vision. Darkness encases me so tightly that, as I fade into it, I know there’s no way I’ll be coming back from this.

They can’t have me if I’m dead.


Member Comments  

All My Stories
Posted On: June 19, 2014
Haha, thanks, Urban.

You and me both, Fluffy.

TryMe - I did comment on your profile, but just in case, by some off chance you come back to this... well, I'm sorry. Did you have a different username at some point? Yours doesn't really ring any bells...

- Peggie, xox

All My Stories
Posted On: February 23, 2014
Came back for a random look, but this is amazing as usual Pegs

Ooltewah, TN
All My Stories
Posted On: January 11, 2014
I wish this site had never died :l

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: December 19, 2013
Hi Peggie. I remember you though you likely don't remember me. Nevertheless, great work. And yeah, it is a shame about this place but I am always passing through. Occasionally. It is almost amazing to see that someone has posted on here... but... that is the only way to give it life again after all. It is good to know that you and some of us are probably still writing. Kind regards!
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