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Hi, my name is Daphne
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You Gotta Strive For Better Things In Life (2)

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By CutieAngel_ForLife Send DollMailSend EmailICQAIMYIM
Created: 2007-01-15 14:23:58 All stories by CutieAngel_ForLife
As she turned the corner of the hall, Daphne bumped into somebody.

"Watch were you're going you freak!" Daphne shrieked as she stumbled back and fluffed her hair. She looked up and saw Mitchell. "Oh. Mitchell. Sorry. I thought you were someone else. I'm really looking foward to monitering together. Maybe we can talk sometime while we're monitering." Daphne flirted and smoothed her skirt, patted her hair.

"Yah. Sure. See lunch." Mitchell walked away shaking his head

"Today in Math we're going to learn about pie..." Mr.Yolonse rambled on and on. "Daphne, can you tell me what fraction represents pie"

"What!" Daphne said returning from her dream world only to find everybody laughing and a mad Mr.Yolonse.

"What is the fraction that represents pie?"


"Not how many pieces of 'pie' the food. 'pie' the math symbol" He waited for a few seconds "I thought so. You don't know because you're always thinking of boys and what to wear tomorrow. Focus and learn something for once. I'm not trying to be mean but you but it's the same thing everyday"


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Posted On: March 15, 2007
great work! plz dm me for the next one, thanx!
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