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Hi, my name is Tori
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We met a famous person pt 1

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By lilstartori Send DollMail
Created: 2013-06-03 14:14:20 All stories by lilstartori
It was a boring and pretty much average summer day. The sun soaked the grass with sun rays. But where am I through this sunny amazingness? Oh yeah, in my room. Hiding in the dark. Writing songs, singing my heart out, and dreaming about my future. Hoping for a life other than this. It's all I wish.

I walked in the kitchen to get something to drink. Mom was sitting on the couch and smiled devilishly. I glanced at her then to my orange juice that I was pouring into a plastic cup. When I was done pouring my juice I walked towards her. "What's up mom?" I asked. She chuckled and showed me her phone. On Bay News 9's webpage it had a picture of Ed Sheeran. He was working on a song in Douglas Florida. Paparazzi wouldn't leave him alone so now he is hiding somewhere around Douglas Middle School. That is my favorite singer hiding near my school. How cool is that? I am going to leave him alone if I saw him, as if he was an average person. I don't need anyone else hating me. "Cool." I replied trying to keep down an overly stalkerish fangirl attitude. I walked back in my room. I smiled. I hope he's getting privacy. I sat by my window and looked across the street. Paparazzi surrounded the neighborhood. I stared out my window for hours. Paparazzi's tents covered the park.

"Tori, I need you to get the mail!" Mom called.

"Okay!" I called back. I walked out into the living room and snatched the key to our mailbox off the entertainment cabinet and headed for the overly crowded street. I walked towards the park where the neighborhood mailboxes are. Dodging tabloids and eager photographers trying to catch up to me to ask me what I know about Ed and his new song. I just ignored them. I walk into a blackberry patch in the middle of an excersize trail. Luckily, no paparazzi. "Ahh, peace and quiet." I thought out loud. A loud tapping of a woodpecker and the music of colorful birds fill the air.

Suddenly a soft strumming on a guitar broke through mother nature's symphony. Then a soft singing soon followed the guitar. A tabloid pushed her way towards the trail. I stared at her then an arm grabbed me and brought me deeper into the brush. A whimpered a silent prayer. "Shhhh, It's just me. You'll be okay. I promise. You're with me." A voice sweeter than honey that was coated with an English accent soothed. "But, you must tell me. Are you one of them? Part of the paparazzi? A tabloid?" The voice that belonged to a guy that was behind me.

"Um, no." I whispered.

"Okay, you can turn around now."

I did as told. I gasped quietly. "Er, hi Ed. This is quite awkward." I chuckled nervously.

"I need to get to shelter. Can I come home with you?" Ed mumbled.

"Sure, but how do we get you past the tabloids?" I asked.

Ed pulled out a hoodie and baggy jeans and a wig. He dressed behind a large blanket that he had tied in between two trees. "This is how. A disguise." He smiled ever so evilly.

"Nice.." I smiled back. We crept out of the small woods. Ed looked so different. We walked to my house. As we got inside, Ed took of the wig and pulled off the hoodie revealing his tattoo. My mom dropped her phone, looked at Ed who helped himself to a magazine that read in yellow bold print: ED SHEERAN, HIDING IN A SMALL TOWN. The mom glared at me.

"So, you don't bring the mail but you bring Ed Sheeran. Interesting." Mom scoffed, "Tori go get the mail." I held the key tight in my palm and escaped my house. I trotted to my mailbox (still gripping the key really tight) I shoved the key in the hole and twisted. The imprint of the key was printed in my palm. I got out the mail and locked our mail box. I looked through the mail. "Bill, bill, magazine, junk, letter, bill, bill." I thought out loud. I walked in my house to see Ed who was sitting down with my mom. He was already hoarse from singing all of his songs, possibly about 10 times. "Oh, Ed! Did she torture you?" I asked.

"Yeah." He smiled. His lips were dry and he was sweating. His voice kept cracking. I rushed to the fridge and obtained him a water bottle. He chugged it dry. "Thank you. I really needed that.".

"Okay you got your break! Now sing Lego House." My mom demanded. Ed cussed underneath his breath.

"Okay, I'm gonna go in my room and not witness the torture of my favorite singer." I sighed. "Ed, do you want to come?" I asked.

Ed was about to reply when my mom boomed "No!".

"Please, ma'am. I may be here for days if not weeks or even months. I'll sing to you everyday. I s-swear." Ed whimpered. Mom glared at him. She thought for a few minutes.

"Fine Ed." She chuckled. An evil look flashed in her eyes as she grinned. "I get to torture you everyday.".

I stared at my mom. I rolled my eyes. I walked into my room. Ed followed. I kicked off my sandals. "Yeah, sorry about that." I apologized. I threw my hat on my bottom bunk where I slept.

"Nah, it's okay." Ed chuckled. "But, I do call top bunk.". He threw his bags on top bunk and climbed up to top bunk. He made himself at home and pulled out his notebook and a pen. Then his beautiful acoustic guitar with a shiny red plus sign in the corner of it. He then pulled out an orange pick out of his pocket and strummed a beautiful and soft melody on his guitar. He began to sing his new song. After an hour he stopped and reread his melody. He smiled. "It's almost done. But after I finish I will edit it and memorize it." He smiled. I smiled. The song was good.

"Good job, I like it." I commented. "It's very sweet. The girl you wrote it about is very lucky.". He smiled. I climbed into my bottom bunk. I pulled out my song book. I was prepared to sing very softly, I started with one of my songs called "Smile". After a few minutes, Ed hung down from the top, he smiled at me. "Hey, can I see your song book? Do you mind if I sing it?" he asked. I handed him the song book.

"Yeah, sure, go ahead, I don't mind." I smiled. He pulled himself back up to the top. I felt my cheeks turn red. A beautiful strumming of a guitar and his voice broke the silence of my room. I couldn't believe Ed Sheeran was singing one of my songs in my room. I began to duet with it. When Ed stopped, he handed back the song book.

"Wow, your lyrics are good. I really like them. You sing well, too." Ed smiled. My step-sister Heavan walked in and threw her stuff down.

"Hey, Tori. Hey, Ed." She smiled, "W-wait, Ed Sheeran? In this room? Whoa!". She sat on the ladder. She looked up at Ed, she was absolutely surprised. "So, did you bring Harry Styles?" she asked.

"Um, no. They're on tour." Ed chuckled. I tried not to laugh.

"Does mom know about this, Tori? How long are you going to be here? Who are those people in the street? Why is Ed Sheeran in our bedroom?" Heavan questioned me.

"Yeah, mom knows. He'll be here for days or weeks or months. Those people are the paparazzi looking for Ed. And he needed a place to stay." I answered. Ed started thumping and strumming on his guitar. He started up with another new song. Right off the top of his head. "Uh, are you thinking of writing an album?'' I asked. Ed nodded and sang. I literally tried not to blush. Heaven, as well, was still frustrated about the One Direction thing.

"Wait! Shut up! Where are they touring?" Heavan demanded.

"Uh, I think they are touring in Miami. Hehe, we're still in the same state. The concert is going to end in about 30 minutes." Ed smiled. After about 30 minutes, Ed pulled his cell and texted Harry Styles. After he put down his phone, he smiled. "Well, guess who's gonna cook ya breakfast, Heavan." He smiled.

"Will he be cooking shirtless? And I want pancakes." Heavan giggled. Ed winked and texted Harry again.

"Deal." Ed smiled. "We should sleep.". Heavan and I passed out of bottom bunk and Ed slept on top.

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